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It's Okay Not To Be Okay

With so much emphasis to be happy 24/7, using social media as a highlight real; where we fake how in control of our lives we really are. Despite it looking like all I do is take pictures of pretty flowers and listen to Disney songs, I definitely do not have my shit together all of the time. I am the worst for comparing myself to other people’s lives that we see on Instagram.

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5 Top Tips For Creating Abstract Art

I love abstract art at the moment; I wouldn’t be doing all those Disney Zentangle pieces if I didn’t. But I never used to like them, at school we did a couple of different abstract styles and I just didn’t understand how it was art- a few random strokes on the paper- but then I found Faye Halliday and loved her abstract animals she drew with patterns and I decided that I wanted to do something similar to her.

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4 Things I’ve Learnt About Friendships

Tangled has been one of my favourite Disney films from when I first saw it, the songs, the characters and of course Rapunzel’s side kick Pascal. Pascal has always had Rapunzel’s back, whether that’s keeping an eye on a Flynn or playing ‘hide and seak’ when she’s bored stuck up in the tower. We all need a friend like that who has your back no matter what, when your get yourself in embarrassing situations, you need that person who will grab the popcorn and wine and sit there with you until you can’t talk about it anymore.

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