Why It's Important To Have A Creative Outlet

I thought I would give myself an art challenge to get creative where I could complete it on my own terms and get back into drawing again. So far, I have loved getting my creativity back again and I didn't realise how much I missed getting my art pencils out. It just shows how important it is having a creative outlet in my life.

I have used it as a great stress reliever and allows you to escape from technology and everyday life. I didn't want this to be too pressured, so I have done enough for every day of the month, but I am already behind because I was ill. So this is more of a 31 drawing ideas list you can do when you want kinda thing.  I have started uploading some of my finished drawings on Instagram if you are interested, I'd love to see you over there too.


Why It's Important To Have A Creative Outlet

#1 Relieves Stress

If you get stressed especially with everyone's lifestyle being that bit busier these days, it is great to get away from the chaos from your schedules. It is so lovely to relax and what better way than doing some drawings. Some people love baths, although I am not a bath lover, so I needed a different way to relax and this is perfect. I love drawing patterns in my drawings, there is something therapeutic about it.  

#2 Escape From Technology

We do spend a long time on our phones these days, and being always connected can have a negative impact on our mental health. It gives you time to disconnect from the outside world and concentrate on something else that's not how many followers that you have on Instagram. There is nothing better than having an afternoon where you don't pick up your mobile phone and just get creative, I have been starting to do this more often and I have noticed a difference in my mood when I am not online all the time. It is great to have a social media detox.  

#3 Living In The Moment

It is important to just be living in the moment and spending time with yourself. It is important to make this time for yourself as you need to love yourself before you can share that with other people. You can't pour from an empty cup- as the saying goes. So make sure you take care of yourself first. 

jiminy cricket

#4 Positive Mindset

It changes your mood when you are creating something that you enjoy anything negative that is happening in your life disappears for a couple of hours. When I am drawing it makes me so happy, for me, it is the same as exercising for 20 mins a day. If you are happy then this will allow you to have a better attitude to any other task that is on your to-do list get done, you productive ninja you.

#5 Fulfilment 

That moment when you are proud of something that you have achieved it makes you feel so good. I love seeing how much I have improved over time with my art and that gives me the motivation to keep practicing drawing different things so that I continue to get better.

Why do you have a creative outlet?