Thoughts About Doing Something Outside My Comfort Zone

I don't class myself as an adrenaline junky or much of an adventurer, but when I experienced cliff jumping for the first time it was the most exhilarating and terrifying experience I have had by far!

 “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone

Thoughts About Doing Something Outside My Comfort Zone

Thoughts About Doing Something Outside My Comfort Zone

Which got me thinking- what else can I do to achieve something I wouldn't normally ever imagine doing? Then it hit me, moving to London. Yes, this probably doesn't seem very ‘outside your comfort zone’ for many people. However, as somebody who has lived in a little bubble of fields and villages, popping that bubble and moving away, for the university, to a busy city without friends and family seemed to be the way forward.

Yes, there were many times I felt homesick and scared during the first couple of weeks. But then weeks turned into months and I found myself settling in quite well. You get used to the idea that in a big city ‘no-one ever sleeps’ which has its advantages. Small things like having a bus service all hours of the night and ordering Dominoes at ridiculous hours of the morning has its perks (especially when you’re living the student lifestyle). I have also experienced some of the attractions while living in this city. But I will go into that in another blog!

Through the university, I got the opportunity to sign up for a project involving volunteering with disadvantaged children and renovating their care homes. I would not have had a chance to do this at any other time. So I found myself signing onto this without hesitation. It turned out to be the best 3 weeks that I have ever experienced (even if I was ill the first week) and I want to do something else similar to this someday.

Just over a year on from when I first moved to the big city; I find that my self-confidence has risen and my self-belief that I can do new things is much stronger then it was. It is not often that I say positive things about myself, but reflecting now on the past, I can really see a change in my personal growth.

I now have to figure out a new way I can step out of my comfort zone, I am thinking maybe this year it’s time to go to a bloggers event and have the confidence to go on my own. It would be lovely to get together with some other bloggers as nobody I know does this and it would be amazing to have someone to talk about this sort of thing with.

How are you going to get out of your comfort zone?