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Must-have Apps & Websites You Need As A Blogger

As a blogger there are a few apps that are essential to make your life a little easier when you need to get a post ready for publishing and for promotion purposes. There are some apps that bloggers definitely need to help them make this process easier, especially scheduler apps. Whoever invented them are a genius and on behalf of every blogger we thank you for it.

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Quitting Social Media: What I Learnt

I have started the scroll free September because I tried to quit social media before and failed after 3 days so I thought I would give it all another go. Because I will not go on it for a month, I am determined! I have blocked the websites for all my social media on my computer and my safari so when I have a week moment and type ‘f-enter’ as a habit, a lovely picture comes up instead.

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What I Have Learnt About My Blog/Social Media From Looking At The Stats

This week I have been looking at my blogging statistics on my google analytics and been writing down my page views I get for the whole month and what I get on specific days. anuary was the month that I got a massive boost in my traffic thanks to one of my pins on Pinterest getting 2k repins (that is never going to happen again). To this day I don’t know what I did to deserve that so I’m just considering that as a fluke. I have also have been look Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter statistics to see where to improve on next.

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