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Friday Fotography #1 A Day At Hinton Ampner

I have been given a National Trust Membership card by my bestie, as she knows how much I love taking photographs! And What a beautiful day to go out and take some photos of flowers. Hinton Ampner is situated in Alresford , Hampshire. It has a lovely 1960 house and gorgeous gardens to go with it, what a great way to spend a Sunday, sitting with a gorgeous view with a cuppa tea and an ice-cream.

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Using My New Camera

I am trying to learn how to take photographs with my DSLR camera. I have been practising when I have been out on day trips with the family. I am in love with my camera but there are so many things that it can do, I haven’t quite worked out how to work everything yet. I have been reading about the different aspects of light as this is the most important aspect of creating good photographs. So learning about the aperture, exposure and shutter speed has been my main focus so far.

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