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Around The Web #9- Burnt Out, Blogging Myths & Christmas Guides

It’s CHRISTMAS! I have already been to a Christmas fair and have a London trip and Christmas dinner planned during the build up to Christmas day. I will be putting up decorations and listening to Christmas songs whilst drinking mulled wine and eating all the mince pies I can get my hands on! Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year and we do have some cute traditions that we do each year too.

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Around The Web #8 Social Media Free, Self-Worth & Spotify Playlists

The main thing that has happened this month is that I have given up all my social media pages for a month. I tried to do this a couple months ago and failed miserably, so as part of scroll free September (started by a health charity) has made a scheme for people to sign out of their social media profiles for a whole month to improve your mental health.

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Around The Web #5 Makeup, Sharing Online & Feeling Awkward On The Camera

I never thought I would be talking about snow again but last week there was more snow! I do not know what is going on with our weather system recently but I need it desperately to warm up now. Another Sit Around Sunday, they come round quick, but you have been very lucky that I have posted two this month, there has been so much content that I have felt like sharing with you guys. 

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