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5 Essential Things I Wish I Knew Before Attending University

I swear university needs a survival guide or something but no... society wants us to learn these things as you go along. When your poor and food goes missing, you cannot stand the mess of the communal areas and your sick of the fire alarm going off at 5 am every morning, your just meant to suck it up and say "oh yeh, that's university for you!'

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How To Inspire Yourself To Write Blog Posts When You Are In A Blogging Slump

Like all bloggers, I have days that I have so many different ideas of what I want to add to my blog and then there are days when it is a struggle to even open up my laptop lid. It really does depend on my mood for that day as well, I have to be in the mood to write; does anyone else get that? But when I really do struggle with ideas here are a few ways I get my inspiration back.

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