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19 Things I Wanna Do In 2019

I have decided against New Year’s resolutions this year. I never stick with them anyway so I don’t believe in setting myself up for failure already… I do love goal setting as much as the next person but I like doing them on a month basis as goals change and once they’ve been achieved you can move onto another one. There are things I wanna do in 2019 that I think I need to document as a kinda bucket list for the whole year! Probably gunna copy this list into my bullet journal because that is just something that I would do!

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What’s In My Makeup Bag For Spring?

Spring, LOL joke it’s been raining and snowing, the poor flowers don’t know whether to bloom or hide away some more. I am always hoping though, for those sunny days and double-figure temperatures, so let’s pretend that is happening at the moment, shall we? I am on my Easter holidays whilst writing this, so there has been a hell of a lot of chocolate eating and cupcake making to celebrate.

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