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Plan With Me: Look Through January 2019

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had no motivation to pick up my bullet journal for a couple of months now but the new year has given me a new sense of motivation- to at least start the year right. There are many reasons why I haven’t been so into bullet journaling recently- I didn’t know how to get it to fit in with my blog- it always looked out of place in the lifestyle area of my blog.

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6 Pressures Of Bullet Journaling

As with anything, there are pressures that you face when you start beginning to join any community. It is difficult not to swoon over other people’s bullet journals and look to see how amazing they look on Instagram and Pinterest. It can make you think that your bullet journal looks a mess and not worth spending any more time on.

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My Blogging Bullet Journal

Last month I decided to use my brand new Rhodia notebook as a blogging notebook. As my weeks are so unpredictable and I cannot plan that far ahead. I haven't needed a bullet journal as much, so I thought as I would do a blogging one, as there is always a list of things I need to do with my blog and I just need an overall list to keep going back to over the month when I get the chance

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