Strategies That Haven’t Worked For My Blog...Yet…

There are some strategies that some people live by and they have been working for their blog but for the moment they haven’t been working for mine. Some of these strategies I want to work on in the future but I just haven’t had the time to focus on it at the moment. Some of them may just not work for my blog, all blogs are different, your audiences are in different places, so what may work for one blogger may not work for another.

Some people don’t bother with twitter but I love it and it’s the best social media platform I have to gain traffic so I have been using it the most. I need to use the twitter chats more though but I always forget when they are on. I feel like I need to get a Calendar sorted with all the chats and times on it.

strategies that have not worked for my blog yet

Strategies That Haven’t Worked For My Blog...Yet….

Facebook Page

Some bloggers live for their Facebook page and that’s great if it works for you, I don’t really use it much because I just don’t have the love for Facebook as a social media so I’ve kinda just let it sit there as just another way to share my blog post. It just doesn’t help with any traffic to my site and I don’t really have the patience to build it up. There’s always that pressure for bloggers to be on all of the social media platforms but you really don’t need to! I think it’s much better to be social on 1-2 social media sites and really engage with your followers; than try to be everywhere all at once.


I have made an infographic for every single blog post I’ve created so that it can be pinnable to Pinterest but I’ve been also putting photographs that I add to my blog recently without the text and they seem to be doing better than the ones with words on! I have also tried BoardBooster to help re-pinning the old pins and I lived it, although I don’t have the funds just yet to pay for the full version. As soon as I get a job though, I will invest with this to help with my pins to be seen by more people. This is a strategy I want to improve as I think it could help my blog. But I’ll be sharing all my pictures on my blog, not just the infographics.

Write Longer Blog Posts

Some bloggers have mentioned that you need to write 1500+ words in every blog post you write to help get SEO, traffic and followers because it gives the reader more quality content. I have found that my shorter blog posts have done much better than my longer blog posts. I think you should mix it up, if your blog requires more words because of how much detail you will be going into, then great, write a 2000 word blog post. But you can also bring the same amount of quality in a shorter amount of words. I don’t think it’s necessary to string out a blog post just to get it to 1000+ words if it can be written in 500 words and be more concise and clear. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that it depends on the type of blog post that you are writing to determine how long it needs to be.


There’s a lot of love/hate relationships with Instagram at the moment. I love the creative aspect of it but it takes so long to grow a following and there are so many rules to follow to become successful! I will always keep using Instagram because I use it more for myself than to grow my blog because I love the creativeness of it. And as you know I love photography, it’s been a great new hobby of mine and I love seeing how much I’ve improved since when I started using my DSLR Camera. I also find it annoying that only Instagrammers with more than 10k followers can use the swipe up feature. If anything it’s us smaller bloggers that need it more than them!

strategies that havent worked yet

Email List Growth

I find this so hard, I’ve tried to provide a freebie and have been sharing it onto my social media accounts but it just doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t know how to grow my list without appearing spammy. I need to up my game in this because having an email list is so important as that’s yours and cannot be determined by an algorithm. Social media sites just need to change their algorithm and then they lose their effectiveness (take Instagram for example) or there might be a new social media site that comes around the corner. This will, therefore, be definitely on my goals list for 2018 to improve on!

To Summarise

These are the strategies that I haven’t had much luck with yet but I am always learning new things and forever researching ways I can improve so hopefully with time these will improve. The Pinterest and email strategies are the ones that I am going to be concentrating on throughout the next couple of months as I think these are the most important.

What strategies work for you?