Using My New Camera

I am trying to learn how to take photographs with my DSLR camera. I have been practicing when I have been out on day trips with the family. I am in love with my camera but there are so many things that it can do, I haven’t quite worked out how to work everything yet. I have been reading about the different aspects of light as this is the most important aspect of creating good photographs. So learning about the aperture, exposure and shutter speed has been my main focus so far.


Using My New Camera

The aspects of photography that I am most interested in are landscapes and macro photography. So I have been going to gardens and parks to practice and they make pretty good days out as well. Both of these places were in Surrey, Painshill Park and Wisley Garden. They are gorgeous places for a day out especially when the sun is out. I also go to these places because whenever I go with my family there is always cake involved.

Painshill is a beautiful park and it has beautiful scenery wherever you look. Dotted around the park, they have different types of buildings and bridges that are from all over the world. They now have a man-made grotto but the rocks and crystals are formed naturally. It is a landscape photographers dream which is why I went to this beautiful park.  Wisley Garden is huge, the amount of space this attraction has is really impressive. Throughout the year they also have different events on which makes it a great place to go visit at different types of the year. We went when all the flowers had started blooming which makes it a perfect opportunity to practise my macro skills.

I got my camera at Christmas 2016, so I am still a real newbie to this. I think that once I get the hang of taking amazing photographs I will be able to create beautiful images for my blog and won’t have to rely on stock photography so much. I think I have mastered the art of automatic settings, but this isn’t enough for me. The whole reason that I wanted a camera is so that I could do everything manually. I think it shows your skill as a photographer as well. If anyone has any courses or know a good course they could recommend I am really interested in learning everything I possibly can about photography.

Looking at these photographs that I took from these places, I can tell that they are not as good as possibly they could be. But I don’t think they are horrendously bad either.

chinese bridges

I love how one shot can bring back so many memories, that is what I love most about photography. To whoever invented the camera-I LOVE YOU- moments and memories have been saved because of you.

So these are my first couple of tries with my new camera. Who else loves photography and do you have any tips and tricks to get that perfect shot?