Nuuna Notebook: The Luxurious, The Premium & There's No Ugly

The Nuuna Notebook is what I have been using for the past couple of months to do the whole planning to get my life in order shenanigans.

Sometimes my plans get done and other times I’d much rather draw rainbow coloured mandalas on my hello November page.

That is all part of the creativity thing though! I was becoming quite lazy with the whole bullet journal thing, but recently I have upped my game.

I am so much more productive when I plan out my day and not having a job means I need to be really disciplined throughout the day to get things done.

Otherwise, I would be quite happy scrolling through Instagram and Twitter all day reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos or listen to some of my favourite podcasts.

That is great for a Sunday lazy morning though, not really during the week when I need to get my life together.

The Nuuna Notebooks are made in Germany. From their website they say that they have high-quality paper for their notebooks, they produce eco-friendly materials, solid thread stitching to help the notebook stay flat and great designs on the covers of their notebook, because who wants boring plain notebooks anyway?

nuuna notebook review
nuuna notebook review

Review: Nuuna Notebook- The Luxurious, The Premium & There's No Ugly

I love the designs that the Nuuna Notebook creates for their front covers of their notebooks, they are so luxurious and feel incredible.

They are a whole lot more creative than the Leuchtturm 1917 which made me drawn to these notebooks in the first place. I am also a huge fan of Planner Routine’s blog who was the person that recommended this notebook and made me want to try one out for myself. 

Page thickness is so much better than the Leuchtturm 1917 and it feels of a high quality (want to read my Leuchtturm 1917 review?).

The pages are bigger than the Leuchtturm too which helps you fit the page layouts in better. They don’t look as squashed as they used too when I used the Leuchtturm notebook.

The dots on the page are quite close together which may be an issue if you have large handwriting but thankfully mine is quite small anyway so I have adapted to fit it in the dotted lines.

I have also found that there is less ghosting happening in the Nuuna Notebook. If you don’t know what ghosting is, it’s when the pen goes through the page and you can see it on the reverse page, this is definitely due to the fact that the Nuuna Notebook has thicker pages.

Obviously, a little bit of pen comes through but it’s hardly noticeable. As their website suggests, their notebooks are able to go flat when you are making the layouts for your page spreads, this really helps especially when you are trying to get monthlies to go over two pages. I was very impressed with that.

The price is quite high but I think that these notebooks are made to such a high quality that I think it is worth the extra pounds to be satisfied with a notebook that you will be using for everything you are doing in your life recently. It's about the same as the Leuchtturm 1917 but with that premium paper.

Also, the 250-page notebooks are going to last you a very long time so I am more than happy to spend £17-20 on this notebook.

The only thing that these notebooks have that is not as good as the Leuchtturm is that they don’t come with an index page, page numbers and there are no ribboned bookmarks to put in your most important pages.

I think that these aren’t really deal breakers though; index and page numbers are pretty easy to put in yourself. As for the bookmark, you could even make your own? I’m not far enough into the notebook to need a bookmark yet so I will do my own as soon as it gets harder to find my place.

I have definitely been converted to the Nunna Notebook and I’ll continue using them for the foreseeable future. Until I get cold feet and try a new notebook because you know the whole #stationeryobsessed thing comes to mind. 


I would recommend this notebook to anyone who was looking for a high-quality notebook. I think the designs are adorable and unique with premium paper.

The only issue is the price as I know that this is quite an expensive notebook. Although, you are paying for the brilliant quality and it will last quite a long time with a number of pages that are included.

Will you be trying the Nuuna Notebook?