Minimalistic Vs Colourful & Artsy Page Spreads

There seems to be a lot of pressure in the bullet journal community about how pretty and arty a bullet journal has to be- from having the perfect handwriting to being able to draw out amazing doodles on each page. You need to remember that it is YOUR journal and it doesn’t need to be perfect in any way, because what is perfection?

I always see people saying they can’t start a bullet journal because their handwriting is not as good as those they see online or they have no art skills whatsoever, but it really doesn’t matter! The bullet journal is simply a way to plan out, journal your life and whatever else you wish to use it for to help you remember what you need to do or keeping a diary of memories that you can treasure forever.

If you let your lack of handwriting and doodle skills stop you from being productive and getting things done then you are procrastinating on unnecessary things. The complete opposite of what the bullet system is designed for.

Minimalistic Vs Colourful & Artsy Page Spreads

minimal page spread

Minimalistic Page Spreads

The positives of having a minimalist spread are that you can still benefit from using the bullet journal system without the pressure of making it look pretty.

I think that there is a misconception in the bullet journal community of making all of your pages bright, colourful with amazing artwork and handwriting.

This is just not the case, it is meant to be for the benefit of your productivity. If all those things are hindering your productivity than it's not working for you and you will find yourself procrastinating instead of ticking off that to-do list.

I personally prefer minimalistic spreads for my to-do lists as I feel that it makes it less crowded and I can focus on getting things done rather than making it look pretty.

Minimalist spreads also save time. You won’t need to spend hours setting up different pages because they will be simple, which is perfect if you have a busy schedule.

Some days it is more efficient to create a page where I can just use it to write lists of what needs to be done quickly so that I can get on with it as soon as possible.

It is clear and neat, which is an important factor for me when I need a clear way to view what tasks I need to get on top off.

I hate it when there is no room to have a clear list because the art has got a bit too carried away. It can make everything look squashed.

That just makes me unproductive and slower and finishing tasks. I need clarity and focus to keep my productivity up.

march hello page

Colourful Spreads

Don’t get me wrong, these page spreads are beautiful to look at, but on a to-do list spread like the weeklies and the monthlies I think that it makes it look too busy.

You are also more likely to start procrastinating if you want these pages to look pretty rather than actually ticking off that to do list.

If you love art or calligraphy then you will love making these beautiful, arty looking layouts because then you have a way to practise it every day.

The only way you will be able to get better at those things if you make time to practise. If you enjoy it, then it will keep your mindset in a positive place, rather than focusing on all the negative points that are happening in your life at that moment in time.

It gives you a creative outlet which helps to release stress and gets you away from technology and looking at a screen for a couple of hours; which sometimes is a great way to live in the moment and get away from everyday life.

I love creating interesting page spreads so that you feel fulfilment that you have achieved something that you are proud of.

In My Opinion,

It is great to have both options, I think it depends on what page you're creating to inform you whether you should do a minimalistic or colourful page spread. For me, I need to have a clear to-do list, so I keep my weeklies, dailies very minimalistic.

The cover, collection and tracker pages can be more creative because they aren’t going to hinder my productivity too much.

You should also note, there is no right or wrong way to bullet journal; it is completely up to you. If you want a bullet journal completely minimal or crazy colourful and arty than that is okay.

Find a way that works with your needs and just stick with it. Don’t feel pressured to make every single page a masterpiece.  

What page spreads do you prefer?