Leuchtturm 1917: Is It Worth The Hype?

It’s about time I wrote some reviews about notebooks on my blog. The first one is going to feature the Leuchtturm1917 as this is the first notebook that I used to start bullet journaling.

I started the bullet journal with a light blue, squared notebook and starred down at a blank page scared to even mark it with a pen because I didn’t know how to begin, and I didn’t wanna ruin it (IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL) with mistakes.

For those of you that don’t know, the Leuchtturm1917 is a quality stationery company based in Hamburg, they have many different types of notebooks and planners and also cover sketchbooks as well. They have all your notebook needs, met.

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Review: Leuchtturm 1917: Is It Worth The Hype?

As the Leuchtturm 1917 is recommended by A LOT of people in the bullet journal community... so let's see, shall we?

I found that the squared grid format really useful for drawing grids to incorporate the different layouts that I wanted to create. I know some people also like the dotted grid, but I thought at I was starting out I wanted to have something easier to see so that I was sure that I could get the look I wanted.

The leuchtturm1917 comes in plain and dotted notebooks too, so you are able to choose the type of notebook that you want to use; which is useful as they are so versatile with anything that you may need.

The squares are quite close together which is great if you are a neat person, but sometimes it is annoying to have to change the thickness of the pen so that you can fit your handwriting into the box.

Luckily I have neat handwriting so I don’t find this too much of a problem but I can imagine this could be a pain for anybody with larger handwriting.

When I was first starting out, I loved drawing boxes and grids with my layouts and having some references with the squared grid was a great way to make sure the lines were straight was such a help as I can never draw a straight line with a ruler, I always get my fingernail in the wrong place and end up with a wonky line.

I love that the leuchtturm1917 are packed with 250 pages which are so useful and allows you to add other page spreads for your bullet journal, not just the monthlies, weeklies and dailies.

So this notebook will last you for quite a while. This was one of the reasons I went with the leuchtturm1917 over the Moleskin because it had a good amount of pages and it would be used for longer so that is how I could justify buying a slightly more expensive notebook.

I also think the pages are really thin and this creates ghosting in the book. If you aren’t familiar with what ghosting is, it’s when the pen leaks to the next page.

I use the Faber Castel PITT artist pens and they show up on the next page quite a lot. I think I would rather have a smaller amount of pages with higher quality paper in it. As if you pay £18-£20 on a notebook then this is something that should be considered in my opinion.

There is also a pouch at the back, a built-in index page and the pages are all numbered ready. I found this really useful because it helped to keep updated with the index and knowing where all your useful pages are.  

The personal information page is also used in the front which I also put my email address and a number to get hold off so that if I'd lose it there is a way to get hold of me.

The leuchtturm1917 also has two ribbon bookmarks to separate the important pages that you need to quickly get access too.

I found these really useful and normally put one in with the most recent monthly and the most recent to-do list that I am working on at that moment in time. It saves so much time.

Overall, I think this is a great first notebook to get started; there is a range of colours you can choose from so you are definitely going to find a colour that you absolutely adore.

Have you seen those copper ones? DREAMY! It’s not the journal I use at the moment but it will always hold a special place in my heart as this was where my bullet journal journey started.

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Do you have the Leuchtturm 1917? What do you like about it?