How To Take Snaps Using iPhone For Instagram

I have had an iPhone now for 5 years and I do not think I could ever turn back to a different phone, I love how simple and easy it is to use, the way it looks and the packaging is always immaculate. It is amazing how the camera has improved from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 and I am pleased it has improved because my enthusiasm for taking photographs have increased since social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest are around!

Taking photographs is one of my favourite things to do; I am obsessed with taking pictures of pretty things. This could involve nature or landscapes and recently I have come to love taking pictures of flat lays! I have been experimenting with different niches for both Instagram accounts and trying to find ways to present my images; so they look connected but are completely different. However, I am still trying to work out the best way to present my artwork; but I will keep experimenting until I am happy with it.

When you first start blogging it is not always possible to start with a DSLR Camera and it can be really expensive so it is really important to start with the things you already have, and this is your phone! So make the most of it, you don't need high-end equipment to make your blog look good.  

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How To Take Snaps Using iPhone For Instagram

Natural Light

As with any camera, good lighting is one of the key aspects of gaining a quality photograph. Natural light is better so make sure that you are in a room with plenty of light and turn the flash off. I have massive windows in my house which is a huge benefit and I will put my flat lays right up to the window in the room that there is no direct light; to decrease the chance of a shadow.

iPhone Camera Apps

Find other camera apps in the store of the iPhone, I found one called ProCam 3 and I think it takes amazing photographs; there are more features where you can change the white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and focus which you can change yourself to get the look that you want! Don't use the Instagram camera it is definitely not as good as this app or the camera app on your phone. 

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Starting with a good composition is essential, make sure you have the background you want, the object or person that you’re taking the picture off is the way you want it before you start taking pictures; to ensure that you are going to be happy with the outcome of the photograph. This is especially important when planning flat lays because you need to make sure the objects all work well with each other. I love taking pictures of landscapes and nature.  I always look for a way to get as much into one picture if it is a landscape; for example getting as high up as possible. When shooting nature shots I tend to focus on one or two flowers because I love seeing the details.

Trial & Error

Most photographs are just about trial and error; play around with different angles and compositions to get the one you like the best. You are always going to get photographs that don't turn out so well and ones that you love; make sure you take multiple photographs of the same things just in case you don't like the lighting or it comes out blurry! So many times I have gone back to look at my photographs and a potentially good shot comes out blurry it is SO ANNOYING! Therefore I have learnt to take plenty of photos throughout my day; probably why I end up with 500 photographs on my phone and wonder why my storage is full!


Such a cliche which is said everywhere but have a play with your phone see what works and what doesn’t work; I spent hours taking pictures; adjusting the exposure, contrast, angles and it is a good idea to take more than one picture because then you can pick your best ones. What works with one blogger/Instagrammer might not work with your photos and the way you want to present your pictures. I had to experiment for a while before I was happy with mine! Even though I do not have a very high following; keeping to similar photographs and making an effort with my Instagram account has made my followers increase over a short period of time!



There are apps in the store that are good at editing photos so you can adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and exposure to your images. Also, using a filter will allow all your photos to fit in with each other and make your feed look consistent. The apps that I like to use are VSCOCam, Colour Story, Snapseed, Aviary and Facetune depending on what I want to do. There is no right or wrong way to edit, find some photos that you like by looking at your favourite Instagram accounts and see what it is about that photo that you like. Is it bright? High or low saturation? Warm or cool tones? This will give you an idea of what sort of images you are drawn to so you can implement them in your photos. 

Any tips I have missed? Leave them in comments!