How To Take Flatlays For Your Blog

Are you really a blogger if you don’t take a million and one flatlays? They are so useful for your blog and Instagram accounts and it if you want to work on anything this year it should be the good ol’ flatlay. I have been working really hard to improve my skills of a flatlay and I think that I have been successful this year I doing so- thanks to my dad for updating my photography from my mobile phone to a DSLR camera, I have been able to really focus on bringing you some higher quality photographs.

I want to continue with improving my photography, I think that’s something that is an ongoing process, but I have learnt a lot-through research and by practising it myself, so I thought I’d give a little insight into everything I have learn.

flatlays for blog

How To Take Flatlays For Your Blog

#1 Have A Plain Background

A plain background is really important when producing flatlays to ensure that the products you are trying to show off don’t get lost in a busy background. I use a white background, but I have seen many beautiful flatlays done on wood, marble or a bold colour. It really depends on what colours your products are to what colour background you have.

The great thing about white is that you can put anything on it and it won’t get lost. If you don’t have anything white, then you can get some wallpaper from craft shop so you can set up a white background, or find blankets/bedsheets to use in the meantime.

I use an old canvas- that I had for some artwork I did not do, or my makeup draws top for my photographs or a fluffy white blanket. You really can make do with things from your house and when you are ready to invest in a better background you can do. I really need to invest in something a little better though so I can fit more products on them.

#2 Edit

It is so important to edit your pictures, to make them how you want them. I like to increase the brightness and whiten the background. There are many apps that you can use to do this like VSCO, Colour Story, Snapseed, Enlight and Facetune; so there is a variety of ways you can edit your photos to get your desired outcome.

I really want to work on improving my editing skills; I would love to learn how to use Photoshop or Lightroom and just explore what different looks I love, and what works well for my blog. I think the apps are a good start though, and I think I’ve found my favourite effects in the VSCO editing app.  

#3 Natural Light

The cliché of natural light, it appears everywhere but it is a crucial one to get those crisp beautiful photos every blogger dreams off. Unfortunately, at the moment the weather is proving to be difficult and making my house really dark everywhere- which is so annoying especially for us bloggers who need to get blog posts out!

The best way of getting natural light is by not having direct sunlight, a cloudy bright day is the best. I always use one of the rooms downstairs with huge windows, but it never gets direct sunlight, it works perfectly.

However, I think I need to invest in some soft boxes to make the most of taking photographs when the weather does turn dark, it will help me out as at the moment days are becoming writes off photography wise because the weather is just too dark.

flatlays for blog

#4 Space & Colour

I think it is really important to space out your products; it makes them easier to be seen and makes that product stand out from the others. This works well if you are focusing on one object that you want to talk about and you make it look more interesting by adding more props around it.

Using the same colours within your flatlay also helps it look consistent and will make it look more appealing on the eyes. If there are too many colours, you wouldn’t know where to look and it would appear too busy. I like to use blues and pinks in my flatlays because of my notebooks.

flatlays for blog

#5 Use Props

Use similar props that you can use in all of your flatlays, this will help you become recognisable. I always put my bullet journal and some sort of flower/cactus in mine so that there is some consistency in my blog posts.

I love buying props for my blog, and it is handy to have a little box full of different options that you can use in your flatlays. I need to start adding to mine so that I can add variety to my flatlays, or they could end up too samey.

#6 Angles

Experiment with angles and how you crop your flatlays, they don’t all have to be up high, you can get some on the side or cut some of the objects out. You won’t know what ones you like best unless you have a go at it yourself.

I can take up to 100 pictures per flatlay and although they may not all make it to my blog; it gives me options to change it up a bit and use the best ones for the best results. It took me a while to get the hang of flatlay and the different angles, but with practise and eagerness to learn I have made some improvements- which I am so pleased about.

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What tips do you have to improve your flatlays?