How To Inspire Yourself To Write Blog Posts When You Are In A Blogging Slump

There is always a time when you have a blogging slump when you open up Word and begin to type but nothing comes out because you have run out of blog post ideas.

I have these for days and then I get all my inspiration all at once and then I never have enough hours in the day to write all my blog posts up that I have thought off.

I only have the weekend to really type up any blog posts because during the week I am busy with school and university work, so Sunday is blog writing day because I am so tired on Saturday it is crazy.

I wish there was a longer weekend, two days never seems enough! Like all bloggers, I have days that I have so many different ideas of what I want to add to my blog and then there are days when it is a struggle to even open up my laptop lid.

It really does depend on my mood for that day as well, I have to be in the mood to write; does anyone else get that? But when I really do struggle with ideas here are a few ways I get my inspiration back.

blogging slump

What to do to get out of that blogging slump

Change your design

I love changing my design from time to time it keeps it looking fresh and this could be from changing your whole design completely to just changing the quality of your pictures or the ease of navigation around your site.

A new theme can really give your blog a new look and makes you more enthusiastic to get back into enjoying the content process of your blog, change is always good and exciting.

It will also help your readers when the navigation is easy for other bloggers who click onto your site. It took me ages to get a theme that I loved and worked with the type of blog posts I wanted to create.

When I decided that this was the theme I used, it made me so much more excited to write more content. That spruce of life that you put into your blog will hopefully make you ready to start adding some more of your amazing content as you may get some ideas from the posts that you have already published.

Go for a Walk

Maybe the reason you are having a blogging slump is that you haven’t done anything fun for a really long time. This happens to me so many times, I complain that I have nothing to write about but the main problem is that I haven’t done anything to write about.

Fresh air and spending times with your family or friends are a good distraction from thinking about what to write about on your blog.

You need time to recharge and relax and then when you come back to your blog you may have a stream of ideas coming out all at once.

You never know when you are out and about the inspiration for a new blog post will come from, you better take a notepad or use the notes section on your iPhone so you don’t forget your amazing new idea.

Read Other Blog posts

Someone says that you cannot be a good writer without reading other people’s blogs; this will definitely help with getting inspiration for a new blog post.

There are so many blogs out there so choose your go to blogs and have a read of their amazing content and see where that takes you.

My go to blogs that I read when I am really struggling with blog ideas are Forever Amber, Wonder Forest, Poppy Deyes, The Blonde Abroad, Planning Routine and Boho Berry; and I get a tonne of inspiration and motivation whenever I visit their sites.

What better way to get more ideas for your blog than to read, comment and share the love of other blogs. Not only will the other bloggers love the fact you’re reading and sharing their content, it will also help you get ideas for yours.

Although I must stress that copying is different than just getting some inspiration, also if it is necessary, always make sure that you mention the other blog that inspired you to write something similar, it's just good manners!

Sit Down and Brainstorm some Ideas

Brainstorm all your ideas will allow you to have some amazing ideas when you experience a blogging slump. There will be something that you can go back to if you cannot think of any other ideas.

I have three A4 pages worth of blog ideas that I go through and tick off whenever I have a blogging slump day; which really helps to get the motivation to start writing other posts.

Have you ever had that moment when you get more ideas while writing another post? This always happens to me and then it goes onto my brainstorm list so I don’t forget. 

To summarise…

These are only some ways you could inspire yourself, this is very dependent on the person as what may work for me might not work for you.

If these don’t work for you I would love to know what does? I hope that I have made you think about what actually works for you when you have a problem with writing blog posts.

So these are my ways that I inspire myself to write more blog posts, what are yours?