How To Become Inspired To Take Photographs

Photography has been a recent hobby which I have increasingly become more passionate about. At the moment I have been taking photographs with the iPhone 6 and have finally got a DSLR camera which has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I am definitely still learning but I love the freedom that this camera gives you as you can control the shutter speed, aperture and so much more. There is so much to learn but I am so excited to get started!

How To Become Inspired To Take Photographs

Why I love Photography

With photography, I love how you can put thousands of memories into one picture and it will be yours to keep forever. It is something that you can do at anytime and anywhere. The smartphone has also made it easier to capture great shots without much difficulty and I can manage to come away with 500 photographs taken in one day! The enjoyment of trying to capture new things and looking out for great photography opportunities has probably taken over more of my life than I care to admit. I am in love with the beauty of nature, animals, and landscapes which are what you are most likely to see here on my blog and on my Instagram! These photographs were taken from a lovely day out at West Dean at a Chillie Fiesta. As well as taking a variety of landscape and macro pictures I was also able to enjoy a vast selection of food, market stalls and live music and entertainment throughout the day. It was so much fun!

Photography inspiration

How to get Inspiration for Taking Photographs?

Go Out For Walks

There are so many places to capture wildlife and nature, so I always like to go for a walk and see what photographs will be captured. I live in the countryside which is close to fields and forests so I can use them to get inspiration for photographs around my area. If you live in a city, you can capture buildings and make the photograph more interesting by using different angles. I used to live in London and I never got bored of taking pictures of the cities landmarks.

Visit New Places

A change of scenery is sometimes the best way to get some new inspiration with photography. If you can drive get in your car, if not, then make it a family day out and take your camera with you! Who knows what new things you will find that will make an amazing photograph. Going on day trips is something I love going on trips with my family, even if it is not my ideal place to explore, I will always love taking photographs of everything, no matter where it is!

Never Leave The House Without a Phone Or Camera

That way you will never miss an opportunity to take a photograph as it may come at any unexpected time. Most people have a phone with them at all times so this should be quite an easy way to make sure you capture a moment when you get the chance. I always have a phone in my hand ready to capture moments of my day especially when I am out and about on day trips or on holiday.


There are so many Instagram pages that are amazing for photography, there are plenty to search for some inspiration. Some of my favourites are:


Pinterest is like a massive search engine of amaziness! You can search for anything you like and loads of results with come up! Here are some of my boards which I have made especially for photography

Why you love photography?