4 Dreams I Would Like To Accomplish

As the new term begins I was thinking about dreams I want to make a reality. I think it is so important to have dreams as that is how you get motivated to make these part of your own life.

Dreams. Whether it's small like being able to get through one day with positive thoughts or something big like becoming the next person to win X-factor, turning that dream into reality is rewarding, to say the least. My dreams are not huge (I do not want to be a celebrity!) but they are still just as important. To be able to be independent with a job and have a family who will support me no matter what is my dream (I'm halfway there).

There are also other dreams I want to explore for example travelling around America and Australia at some point when I have the money to do so. This particular dream could get in the way of me being able to start my dream job as teaching primary school children will decrease my opportunity to go travelling, like all jobs, there are holiday limits. So I need to decide whether I get a job just to earn money to enable me to go travelling and delay my learning to become a teacher. Here are a few of my own.

4 Dreams I Would Like To Accomplish

Owning My Own House

I have always wanted to own my own house, something about having your own personal space that I can decorate and design how I want it. I think you can put so much of your personality into your house, so I would love a space to call my own (and have access to all the rooms, not just my bedroom). 

Traveling Australia & America

I have written blog posts about my bucket list to Australia and America with the hopes of one day visiting these places. I have been fortunate enough to have been to a few lovely places in Europe but it’s about time I start exploring further beyond.  

Have A Career I Love

No matter what I choose to do for the rest of my life doesn’t matter, the only thing that does it that I need to love it. We spend a good amount of time at work and so it would be amazing to actually enjoy being there.  

To Stop Worrying & Start Making These Dreams A Reality

I do this really annoying thing where I have all these big ideas of how I want my life to go but then get freaked out. I need to have more self belief and confidence that I can achieve anything that I put my mind on. From past experiences like passing my driving test and getting a degree, I have proved I can do anything.  

Why I Drew A Dream Catcher

About The Drawing

As one of my first ever mandala drawings, I think this was a good attempt, since this I have got a compass so that I can make the circles actual circles. I would love to make this have colour in it, I have been experimenting with watercolours, so I may have to repeat this design using some colour!