Challenges Every Blogger Faces

As a blogger there will be times that are challenging and every blogger will face these at one point or another, I am still struggling (probably with all of them) now because it is a forever cycle that seems to just play on your mind.

I have had my fair share of challenges when I first started out blogging and I still have some now. I think it is important not to sugar coat blogging too much because it takes a lot of hard work to make a blog successful and lots of people outside of blogging don’t always understand this.

If you just want to skyrocket to fame then a blog is definitely not the way forward. You need passion, patience and commitment to make it work every single day.  

challenges every blogger faces
Challenges every blogger faces
challenges every blogger faces
challenges every blogger faces

Challenges Every Blogger Faces

Traffic To Your Blog

I am still finding this one a challenge as I haven’t found my ideal audience yet. Trying to find people who will be interested in your blog is difficult and getting your blog out there is the only way that you will be able to find loyal readers.

I thought this was really ‘spammy’ and people will not want to see my posts everywhere on social media. But the truth is that because of the algorithms on social media sites, most people won’t see many of your posts anyway.

You are therefore making the chances of people to actually see your posts greater than if you weren’t promoting yourself at all.

I am also trying to find strategies that will work for my blog and this will take a long time, to see if it works. At the moment I am posting to Twitter based on the times when my followers have been on and actively being involved in my content.

Instagram I am trying to use stories every day and post at least once a day if not twice. I am producing Pinterest worthy infographics so that my blog posts are easily pinnable.

Comparing Yourself To Others

There is no point comparing yourself to other bloggers because your chapter 1 might be someone else’s chapter 20 which means that they will be doing better than you. You need to be confident that your own blog will be successful and just keep pushing through.

The best thing you can do is to bring out high-quality content and keep being consistent with your blog. I am the worst at comparing myself to others, I need to just take a step back and realise that my blog is good enough to be alongside others in the blogosphere.

Just because I post different things to other people, doesn’t mean that my blog is wrong, it makes my blog stand out and that is a good thing.

Wanting Quick Results

Growing a blog is a long process and it will not happen overnight. Sometimes I forget that this is an ongoing process and every achievement that I reach is a great one. Just because others have got better traffic, or more people is generally because they have been doing it for longer and they have had the time to build and grow a community of bloggers. You need to be patient, there is no quick fix, unfortunately. 

I sometimes wish if only my blog was doing better with the number of views, followers or subscribers that I have. But if my numbers are going up, that is an improvement, I need to be less harsh on myself and focus on the positives. I am growing slow and steady and that is great!

Engaging With Other Bloggers

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I found this really hard. Everyone said to grow you need to engage with other bloggers. But as an introvert, I didn’t know how to do this so that I could make connections with other people.

Yes, I heard about twitter chats but I was more of an observer than an active member of the chat. I realised that I would have to reach out and just be myself.

This helped so much and I met some lovely bloggers over a common theme (as most of the twitter chats have a topic that they are going to be talking about for that hour) and I engaged with them and then we followed each other on our social media channels.

I really think that this is important and I still haven’t got completely confident with it yet. But I have made it one of my goals to make connections with other bloggers.

I have even made a Lifestyle Links Facebook group to help connect bloggers together so that we can share and engage with each other’s content. Feel free to come join if you want some support for your blog.

What challenges have you faced with your blog?