8 Blog Posts That I’ve Enjoyed Recently

There has been so many blog post up this week that I have loved, so I thought I would share them on this Sunday morning so that you could read them with a cuppa on this (probably) gloomy October day. I have started bookmarking all my faaaave bloggers on my phone as I always forget to read their blogs otherwise, and it’s made it so much easier to go and stalk their blogs whenever I feel like I need to dive into a good read.

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8 Blog Posts That I’ve Enjoyed Recently

#1 Six things my job as a digital marketer has taught me about writing- Hannah Gale

This blog post is so useful and I am definitely going to take on her advice to help include my writing as well. I didn’t even know about some of these tips especially the list of odd numbers one, (which I have totally broken for this post) as apparently, a top 10 post seems too forced and people prefer odd numbers. How strange huh?   

#2 So you want to redesign your blog- What Olivia Did

I love Olivia’s new blog layout and after recently trying to sort out mine it was a useful read to know some of her tips about how she managed to do her redesign. I am definitely going to take her tips on board to see if I can improve my blog even more because I love learning about new blogging related things. I think that pinning things that interest you and draws your attention is a great way to know what sort of colours that you get drawn too so that you can implement them onto your blog.

#3 Why it is ok if you don’t know what you want to do next- From Roses

This post is so relevant to me now, I have no idea what I want to do and before university, I was so clear with what I wanted to do so I feel like I’m going backwards. But she makes it seem like it is ok to change your mind and made me so much more relaxed about the whole situation. I mentioned in my diary post that I have changed my career path and no longer want to take Education any further at this point because I have loved learning more about digital marketing and want to try my hardest to get a position in this industry.

#4 How to set yourself up for a productive week- The Anna Edit

Who doesn’t want a productive week? I feel this post just refreshed my mind and made me more motivated to start becoming more productive throughout my days. I have been so good this week with keeping up with my to-do lists in my Bullet Journal and I am really proud of myself. I normally write the list but don’t go back to check that I have done it, that’s really useful isn’t it? So it was a great reminder of different ways to keep motivated and keep your mind clear of any negativity.

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#5 The 5 things every influencer needs in their media kit- Small Talk Social

I need to do one of these for my blog so this was so interesting and useful post because I do not know where to start with asking brands to collaborate with, and just looking into monetizing my blog, in general, is still so daunting to me but one day I am going to make the leap because I just want to see how far I could go, there’s no harm trying right?

#6 Caring less and feeling confident- Poppy Deyes

I do love a good confidence booster blog posts and trying to not let other people dictate what you should/shouldn’t wear is such a great post to read. I bet lots of you have had people comment about what you should wear and I have been too, which makes this post so relatable. I am trying to ‘care less’ attitude to what other people think but sometimes it can be really hard.

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#7 How to find blog post inspiration- Kate La Vie

I love Kate’s tips to find blog inspiration, especially when you are in a blogging slump. It is great to just to get some ideas to get your motivation back to start writing a blog post again. I especially like her tip to write posts that you want to read yourself, which is so true. I think that this is really important because that way you will enjoy writing it which will come across in your writing.

#8 Don’t judge a book by its Instagram feed- Anna Saccone

This was such a good post and so relevant to today’s problems where everyone only sees the highlights of someone’s life posted to social media. This makes them appear to have their lives together and it misses out any struggles/breakdowns/any negative aspects of their life that they might be experiencing behind the scenes. Everyone shows their best self on social media but that doesn’t mean that they are always that positive, everyone has down days and it is important that everyone remembers that sometimes.  

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So these are my top reads this week,

I hope you found them as useful as I did and have given you some motivation to continue your blogging journey, productivity or even improve your self-confidence. I know they have given me some more motivation this week when I felt a bit down because I am having no luck with jobs atm. Fingers crossed though to something coming around the corner soon!

What have been your favourite blog posts this week?