7 Ways Bridget Jones Is Exactly The Same As Me

Bridget Jones’s Diary has to be one of my favourite films of all time, every time I am upset and need a pick me up; this is my go-to film.  It is so funny and witty and just makes me laugh until my stomach hurt. I see a lot of myself in Bridget Jones and I thought it would be fun to see if I could think of different reasons why we are practically the same person.

7 Ways Bridget Jones Is Exactly The Same As Me

7 Ways Bridget Jones Is Exactly The Same As Me

1. She Likes Celine Dion Music

Who doesn’t though? Am I right? She has the most incredible voice and there is nothing better I love doing than belting out ALL BY MYSELLLF when nobody is home.

2. Been on a post diet after a break up

I think this happens to most people where you literally start the craziest diet and exercise like crazy to get your mind off someone. It didn’t last that long though, crisps are just too tasty.

3. Bad at cooking

Bridget Jones put blue string into her meals, I haven’t done that but I am equally shocking at cooking, I have forgotten eggs which is a crucial ingredient for scones, tried making an omelette which turned into scrambled eggs and I am always burning meals or burning myself. The kitchen and I are not the best of friends.

4. Spend my days in my pyjamas

I mean, this is a weekly occurrence for me. Every Sunday is PJ day! Don’t even try to get me to go anywhere on a Sunday. I want to watch films and read books all day without any distractions thank you- although I will always stop if you were to bring me a cuppa tea.

5. Vodka

She necks back those vodka shots, and I will also drink vodka on a night out! Never ask me to make decisions though once I have had a couple! But occasionally I swap the vodka shot for wine.

6. I am always wanting to improve the way I look

She always wants to lose weight, and I have those sorts of goals every year. They have not really stuck yet though.

7. Diary

I used to write a diary when I was little. I always wrote about what I had done on holiday or what my best friend and I did at school or who my boy crush was. Now I think my blog has turned into a sort of online diary for me.

Are you like Bridget Jones?