5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

I love washi tape; it is so versatile and can be used by anyone. So if you want a bullet journal to look pretty, then you need this neat trick. You don’t need to be arty; you just need a bit of creativity to help you use it in the way that will suit you and your bullet journal. 

There are so many designs of washi tape so you can find the right pattern that you want. Amazon has a great selection which is great as you can get it sent straight to your door. It can also help you get your creative side out, which is one of the pros for starting a bullet journal

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5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

#1 Headers Or Borders

Why don’t you use it to add a bit of colour to the top or the borders of your page spread? Some pens can even write over the top of them so you can have a lovely background behind your handwriting.

I think this looks good for your weeklies as each of the days of the week can be written on a bit of washi tape to create a header.

I also used it to make my pages more noticeable around the borders, I would put some washi tape with the same design on similar pages like habit trackers so that I knew exactly what page they were without needing to read the title.

#2 Stick Pictures On The Page

Instead of using glue to stick your pictures on the page, it might be different to attach the pictures by putting some washi tape on each corner. It also adds some colour and draws your attention to the picture. I love doing this; it makes it so much more interesting than just using glue. It creates a scrapbook sorta feeling.

#3 Hide Mistakes

 If you make a mistake on your page, you may be able to hide it with the washi tape and write over it, which can be a great way to hide those silly mistakes that you make.

I forgot to add Thursday in one of my weekly spreads and had Wednesday twice.

I managed to fix it by making all my weekly headers have washi tape on them with the days of the week written on top. And vio la, no one would know that I had made that mistake.

#4 Decoration

If you’re not confident at doodling yourself, you can use washi tape to just decorate your page.

There are so many patterns available so it wouldn’t be too difficult to find ones that fit the style that you want to create.

I prefer doodling myself, but if I am having a lazy day, it does make it fun to try out something different every now and again.


You can use Washi tape at the end of the paper so that you can easily find important pages within the Bullet Journal.

I have seen some people do this for every monthly page that they create so that it is easily accessible. I have used this to get to my expenses pages and my list of jobs that I have applied for because these are the pages that are the most important to me.

Here are some of the ways that you could use washi tape, how do you use it?