5 Useful Blogging Podcasts That You Should Be Subscribed To

As you guys know I have been into podcasts recently and have loved some chatty podcasts, I have also been really loving some blog tip ones as they are so useful to help you grow your blog or business as well as some social media tips. Growing a blog is the hardest part, promoting and getting people to read your blog can be overwhelming.

There are always 'experts' saying you should be on all the social media channels and also to be active there also. I swear these ‘experts’ think that we are all glued to our phones most of the time. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not fun, it gets boring scrolling social media all the time and don’t even get me started on how it affects your creativity.

I have been loving these blogging podcasts and just getting some new tips from these guys can be so eye-opening and some of the things that they were talking about I didn’t even think about. I hope you find these as useful as I do!

blogging podcasts

5 Useful Blogging Podcasts That You Should Be Subscribed To

#1 Hashtag Authentic

Sara Tasker has so a lovely voice, I could listen to her all day. She speaks about Instagram and answers most of my questions that I have had about Instagram- how to grow followers and engagement. She also has some incredible special guests on there too, which also helps to bring some alternative perspective to her podcast. I really enjoyed when she has Fiona on talking about the psychology of colour-omg so interesting and useful.

#2 Ellechats

Lauren Hooker is my blog guru, she was the reason why I went to Squarespace and her knowledge about all things blogging is brilliant. She puts so much useful information into her podcast and also her blog (Elle and Company- check her out). My all-time favourite episodes must be the how to increase web traffic and different ways to use Instagram stories. They are so useful!

#3 The Influencer Podcast

I think this podcast is so useful; it has all the tips on becoming an influencer.  Julie some brilliant special guests too. She always has long episodes so why don’t you go and grab a cuppa tea and indulge in all the useful tips and tricks that you will learn.

#4 Made Online

Hayley's podcast has some amazing special guests who are killing it online: including Sara Tasker, Albertine, and Hannah Gale. This line up is pretty special and although I have only listened to one episode, this podcast is going to playing in the background while I try to write blog posts so that one day I can be just a #girlboss like as they are.

#5 Blog Fuel

Erin and Kirsten's podcast is all about making the most out of your business. I haven’t turned this into a business yet but I love learning about it because one day I would love to be earning money from this little space on the internet. My favourite episode so far has been their latest ‘just quit already’ it’s about turning your side hustle, to a full-time job. This is the most relatable one to me at the moment, and so I am currently drinking tea while listening to them in the background.

blogging podcasts


I love listening to useful podcasts about blogging. There are so many new things to be learnt whether that’s growing traffic, or growing your social media following. This is my favourite thing to do as I will be monetising this blog in the future.

What blogging podcasts are you listening to?