5 Reasons You Should Subscribe To Blogosphere Magazine

I have been a bit slow to the Blogosphere Magazine party myself so I thought this was a good reason to write a blog post about how super stupid I was to not subscribe to this magazine sooner. It is one of the first ever magazines that I have actually read from cover to cover and have generally thought that my money was worth every penny. I have loved finding out about new bloggers and hearing their stories about how they have started.

blogosphere magazine reasons to subscribe

5 Reasons You Should Subscribe To Blogosphere Magazine

Hear Stories from Amazing Influencers and Other Bloggers

I loved reading the stories about how people started their blog journeys and where they are now. It is really motivating as a blogger to see that they used to be where you are at and where you could become. I would love to make this a career whether it is my blog or the digital marketing industry; I have just fallen in love with it. It has made me that extra more determined to see how far this could go in time.

Find New Bloggers

I love finding new bloggers and this magazine has all different niches of blogs from travel to food and lifestyle to fashion. This makes it so easy to find other amazing blogs that you don’t normally read because you don’t normally look for that niche. I love food blogs even though I haven’t got a skill for baking and cooking in the kitchen for myself. Also, I am waiting for the day I can turn my home into a beautiful –Pinteresty- home for myself- DREAM!

Blogging Tips

There are some useful blogging advice from the articles that interview other bloggers and these are so useful especially for other bloggers to see whether these would work for your blog. I am always looking for new strategies to help grow my blog and sometimes you get some amazing tips from other bloggers who have been on the same page as you. I know that they don’t always work for your own blog like they could work for someone else’s, but you never know unless you try right?


After I read the articles from the bloggers I have always been extra motivated to try to get this little corner of the internet out there for the world to see and not feel so ashamed of people finding this blog. It should be something that I am proud off as I have come a long way with learning how to host my own site and learning how to take blog photos. Knowing that these bloggers have become successful for their hardwork gives you that extra push and excitement that you need to put all your efforts into what you want to do in your own career so that you can achieve everything you want in your future.

Just a comfy Read for Those Cold Nights In

What is better than having something to read with a cuppa tea on those cold, dark nights at home? Like, I couldn’t imagine anything cozier! Especially when there isn’t much else to do that evening, why don’t you have a pamper evening and then read the magazine and relax!

blogosphere magazine
blogosphere magazine


These are my reasons why you should subscribe to blogosphere magazine; I cannot believe that I didn’t do this sooner. I also wish I could get my hands on the other issues especially the Louise Pentland one, I just love her! So hopefully I have persuaded you guys to order yours too, if you haven’t already.

Have you subscribed to the blogosphere magazine? What do you like about it?