5 Different Bullet Journal Page Ideas

I have become obsessed with the Bullet Journal system, I am sure you know that. It has brought together my love of stationery (you can see my Tombow pens review here) and being creative wrapped all into one system, I love it so much. Having an excuse to buy washi tape is also a blessing! I am one of those people that just hoards stationery. I probably won't need it but I can always come up with an excuse to buy it.

Some people have a huge collection of lipsticks, I have too many pens that I have not used and I am not even sorry. There are many pros of having a Bullet Journal and the flexibility of what goes onto every page has to be the most important for me and one of the reasons you should definitely start a Bullet Journal for yourself

5 Different Bullet Journal Page Spread Ideas:


The monthly spread provides a good overview of the month, where you can put in little reminders of what you have to do over the month. I also put a to do list in with this spread as a reminder of things I need to do but they do not need to be done on a specific day. I now also use a monthly spread to plan the different blog posts that I want to do on each day. Which ensures that I don't have too much of the same type of post too close together. 



I love trying out weekly spreads, and I know that it is not September yet, but I went a little crazy in my Bullet Journal and started planning all of my spreads, I love how minimalist this page is. I tried making my weekly spreads colourful and pretty but then it lost the productivity aspect of the bullet journal. So I keep my to do lists basic and use my creativity on other pages like the TV series tracker and the mood mandala spreads.


Mood Mandala

The mood mandala is probably my favourite spread as this really highlights my love for art. The way that it works is that you have 28,  30 or 31 circles (depending on the month) and each day you colour in a circle based on your mood, then you go over the circles with a black ball point pen (I use Faber Castell PITT artist pens) to decorate the mandala with patterns.


TV Trackers

I love adding TV series trackers to my Bullet Journal and I also have a space to put other ones I want to watch on there as well. It is also another spread that lets me be creative and colourful with my pages. It helps you keep up to date with the TV shows that you want to watch. And I am a lover of colouring and what better way then to tick off a episode that you have watched. 


Quote Pages

I love having a motivational quote on a page, this is a good reminder of what I think is important and going for your dreams is really important to me! I always put ones that mean a lot to me or ones that will motivate me to have a bloomin' good week if I need the extra push to get to the weekend. Again, you can be as creative or as minimilastic as you like when producing these pages. For this one I have chosen to be quite minimalistic and let the words take the lime light. 


These are only a couple of page ideas that you could do. I hope these give you some ideas to help you start using your Bullet Journal however you like.

What do you like to fill your Bullet Journal with?