4 Ways to Become More Organised Using the Bullet Journal System

I think of myself as quite an organised person, I cannot have enough storage boxes floating around and I love having different folders for different things. I HAVE to be so organised on my course as well with all the work and planning that I have to do, so organisation is a must for someone like me. But I do have days where my organisation does lack a little bit, and everything seems to get on top of me.  The way that helps me stay on top with everything that I need to get done is to know an overview of the week that is coming up, then I write individual to- do lists within those days.  This is where my trusty Bullet Journal comes into my life as I can make my overviews of the week myself and have enough room to fill all the tasks I need to complete each day.


4 Ways to Become More Organised Using the Bullet Journal System

To-Do Lists

Planning out what you have to do for the day will make sure that you get the most important things done first and that acquire most of your attention. There are so many Bullet Journal spreads that you can find on Pinterest and Instagram if you are stuck for ideas. My go-to places for inspiration for these page spreads are Boho Berry, Life by Whitney and Planning Routine.  I love their ideas and they make me inspired to create my own versions. At the moment, I am in love with daily pages at the moment, as they are the heart of the bullet journal system as Boho Berry says, and she is so right. They allow you to have as much room as you need for all those tasks that need completing. I also use the leftover space to actually journal about my day or any thoughts that come to mind. Ticking things off that to- do list is also so satisfying.

Plan Ahead

This is possible to do with the bullet journal, using your future log and monthly pages if you want a whole year or month to glance at. I normally do a week at a time, so I plan my week in advance and then do a simple daily page so that I can write my to-do lists. It is great to schedule everything you need to do during that week. I use it to make a blogging calendar so that I can plan out each of my blog posts for that month so that I don’t have too many of the same posts going up too close together. You can also use a brain dump to make sure you have a place for all of your ideas and then make sure that you schedule that into your weekly log. When I was at university I would make a page specifically for deadlines for essays so I knew when each of them was due. The bullet journal is so flexible that you can do any page that will allow you to plan ahead with anything that is going on in your life.


Trackers can be used to organise your habits, exercise routine, water intake, money saved/spent, gratitude logs, the TV shows you watch or what books you want to read or have read. There are so many trackers you could use to keep yourself organised throughout the week. You can also have fun creating different page spreads for each month so that you can keep track on everything.

Deadline pages

This was so useful when I was at university and had essay deadlines to keep too, I would make a page with all of my deadlines that I had coming up and then I would colour them in once they had been completed. I was always on the ball when the next deadline was so that I could start my essays early. You can also write down any work deadlines you have to complete or any blog deadlines that you have.

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This is how I stayed organised using the bullet journal; it is so flexible that you can make any page that you think is necessary to help you be as productive as you can possibly be.

What do you put in your bullet journal to help you keep organised?