4 Untrue Phrases In Art

Art can be done by anyone, in my opinion, so I have decided to write 4 phrases that people sometimes say in regards to art, that I think are untrue or used as excuses.

I think lots of people use these as excuses-me included- because sometimes self-doubt gets in the way of allowing you to achieve. I have been guilty of saying these, especially when I am comparing myself to others and their artistic ability.

So I am making a deal with myself to not say these phrases as they are untrue and just providing me with negative thoughts that I don't need in my life.

4 Untrue Phrases In Art

I Can't Draw"

I always hear people say “I can’t draw” and to that I say rubbish! I think everyone has the ability to draw; if they are prepared to work at it.

No-one can be brilliant at art without PRACTICE! Singers, footballers, authors, dancers etc. practice every day in their professions, so why should art be any different?

I am not saying that if you do practice art every day, you will become rich and famous, but the point I am trying to make is that without practising your craft you’re not going to be able to do it to the best of your ability and improve your skills.

Learning art is something you pick up along the way when you keep practicing it. Gradually you will learn new things and be able to produce pieces that you are proud of.

Another point is that there are so many approaches you can take with art because there is freedom within art that allows you to express yourself in different ways.

Just because you cannot draw realistically doesn’t mean you cannot draw; try zentangle, pointillism or expressionism. Figure out what your favourite style of art is, and jump with it! What’s there to lose?

"To practise any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, so just do it"

I’m Not A Creative Person

Maybe you don't think you’re creative? Maybe you have no creative bone in your body? Then you’re probably thinking: I cannot be any good at art if I cannot even think of any creative things to do? WRONG!

Since the internet, the amount of artwork that can be viewed is unlimited! It’s amazing how easily accessible it is to just type into google and have thousands of pictures pop up on the web-page.

If your feeling uncreative have a scroll on the internet; find things that catch your eye and do your own version of what the artist has already done, or if you’re really lacking in creativity, you can always try to copy exactly what the artist has done!

It is also good for your artistic skills to copy exactly what they have done and not what you think you see!

"The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt"

I Have No Time To Draw

If you really wanted to draw and improve your skills within art, you would make time to draw.

Even I have periods where I am really busy and I say that I will not be drawing as often because of university work; there is always a small picture that pops up here and there because I cannot live without picking up my sketchbook!

Even if it is a quick doodle sketch, you are creating art

This will improve your artwork skills which will enable you to create better and more time-consuming drawings when you do get more free time. 

Keep any art projects (large or small) to a realistic time frame, prepare the scale of your art piece before you start so you know how much time will be needed on that particular artwork. Whether it is a large or a small art piece, the satisfaction once it is finished will be worth it!

"We will make time for what we feel is important in our lives"

I Have Made A Mistake, Now It Is Ruined

Sometimes you can use mistakes and change them into something else! For example, my original idea was to attempt a drawing of a mandala, however, it did not turn out as symmetrical as I would have liked, so I changed the whole design to make it into an elephant!

And I think it has turned out great! Making mistakes in artwork does not have to be a bad thing, just walk away from it and when you come back to your art piece, you may know what you are going to do with that mistake! I am also pretty sure (although I don’t know this for certain) that many professional artists make mistakes sometimes because let’s face it, we are all human!

They just know how to hide it really well and make it a part of their drawing, rather than giving up on their drawing completely.

"Art is about knowing which mistakes to keep."

Do you say any of these? If you do, these aren't aimed at you, I just think that everyone can be creative and to believe in yourself in whatever you do!