Around The Web #8 Social Media Free, Self-Worth & Spotify Playlists

The main thing that has happened this month is that I have given up all my social media pages for a month. I tried to do this a couple months ago and failed miserably, so as part of scroll free September I thought I would try again. It was started by a health charity which have made a scheme for people to sign out of their social media profiles for a whole month to improve your mental health.

I have an unhealthy relationship with my phone and other reasons which you can read in this post so I thought it was about time that I gave up for a month to see what else I could accomplish without the distraction and time waster that Instagram is.

I am three days in whilst writing this, and although I have had moments where I have wanted to log in, I have refrained so far, I am doing better than last time!

Without the constant amount of blog posts littering my Twitter feed, I have to be actively looking on Bloglovin to read new blog posts. I have actually loved doing this; I have found so many new ones that I had never heard of before.

I started my bullet journal up again after a couple of months of not using it because I didn’t need to during the summer holidays. This has started making me that much more organised to try and get back into blogging and block time to do other important life things!

The Patterned Petals Digest #8 Social Media Free, Self-Worth & Spotify Playlists 

Around the web #8

Social Media Free, Self-Worth & Spotify Playlists 

Must Read Blogs

  • I have had the feeling that my blog isn’t perfect and it got me re-reading this post that I wrote when I had a random thought specifically on this subject.

  • I have definitely had this view of judging my self-worth by the number of likes I get on Instagram and we really shouldn’t! Em’s blog post on this is really insightful.

  • I also had the best week away in Rhodes; make sure you see what I got up to!

  • My motivation has been really bad lately, especially when I wanted to be outside in the glorious sunshine, Rebecca’s post on getting your motivation back was truly needed for me!

Learn Something New

  • It’s always good to improve yourself and this post by In The Frow about being better at your job is full of great tips and advice.

  • I really want to up my photography game this month so I am trying to read anything I can about it to improve, I read this article and found some of their tips helpful.

  • Pinterest is one of my highest forms of traffic, so I am always looking for ways to get more eyes on my blog and Holly has written a lovely insightful post on how to do just that.

Let’s Create

Binge Worthy

  • I have been watching Greys Anatomy this month, which I am obsessed with- hello McDreamy! It is about the lives of surgical interns and their careers and love lives!

  • Made In Chelsea: Croatia have been filling up my Monday evenings and with the comeback of Bake Off, you know that Autumn TV is coming soon; which only means I’m a celebrity get me outta here will be on our screens soon.

Listen To

  • Lets Discuss Podcast which is full of useful tips, one in particular I enjoyed was their tips on photography for the blog and Instagram.

  • I cannot wait for the Directionally Challenged podcast episodes to start. It has Candice and Kayla from The Vampire Diaries talk about life’s problems.

  • The albums that I have had on repeat recently are the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack- I really need this for my car so I can belt out those feel-good songs. I have also been loving the very nearly Nashville playlist on Spotify too. I find it so easy to work with that sort of music on in the background. Lastly, have you heard Nina Nesbit’s new single Loyal to me? It’s so relateable, go check it out.