Reasons I Love The Beach

The beach is probably one of my favourite places to visit. I love how each beach is different whether it has yellow, white or black sand to pebbles, each one is so beautiful in its own way. I always make it part of my to-do list whenever we explore somewhere new. I have visited lovely beaches in Rhodes, Jersey, Kent, Portsmouth and all over the south coast of England and they are all amazing in their own way. 

Reasons I Love The Beach

Reasons I Love The Beach

Family Time

It is a great place for the whole family to enjoy, there are so many things to do and explore and there is no better way than making these memories with your family. When I have been to the beach, the best times have been with the family, whether it is having an evening stroll, or eating an ice-cream. Nothing beats having family time!


If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there are so many hobbies that can be taken up at the beach and in the sea: sailing, rock climbing, cliff jumping, scuba diving and so much more. This can be great to start ticking things off the bucket list whilst doing something outside your comfort zone.


There are so many animals to find at the beach and the sea. Go on a boat ride and see if you can find dolphins, whales or even turtles! If you do not want to venture out on a boat ride, there are rock pools to go and find crabs and limpets. Just open your eyes and explore, the possibilities of spotting some sort of animal are endless.

Swimming In The Sea

If your anything like me, you love swimming in the sea, however, preferably not in England (where I live) because the weather can be unpredictable.  In other (hot) countries swimming in the sea can be so refreshing and also gives you another form of exercise, which is always a bonus! And if you forget your swimming costume, there is always…

Paddling In The Sea

If you can’t commit yourself to go all the way into the sea, or haven’t got your swimwear at the ready, an alternative option is to go paddling. Paddling in the sea is enjoyed by both adults and children, so again, making this a great place for family memories.

Reasons I Love The Beach


As a child, sandcastles were an essential thing to do at the beach, my brother and I would have competitions to see who could build the biggest and best. We never actually knew who could build the better ones, as we would always draw! Mum couldn’t have favourites, could she? There are so many things that you can build with sand, so why not indulge in some creativity and build a sand animal or sculpture?


You can go to the beach as an escape from reality, grab a book and head over to the sun-loungers (or bring a towel) and sunbathe! Whether you like to read a book, or just watch the world go by, this is a great way to ditch technology and escape any worries from home for a couple of hours!

Fish And Chips

If you’re from Britain, then having a fish and chips at the beach is quite a traditional thing. Nothing beats enjoying a fish and chips surrounded by beautiful scenery and maybe a sunset, if you’re lucky, which happened one time I was in Brighton.

Long Coastal Walks

There are always different walks that you can take at the beach, you can choose a walk near the sea, where you can paddle in the water and have the sand between your toes. Or you can take cliff walks and see the views from a different perspective. I enjoy both types because I love having more photograph opportunities!

Scenery- Photography Opportunities

The most important thing, especially when you are writing a blog about beaches, is the surrounding scenery. Being by the sea is beautiful and allows for amazing photography shots! It is great to take pictures when there is a thunderstorm at the beach as well as a stunning sunset.

Why Do You Like The Beach?

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