Around The Web #7 Blogosphere Magazine, Love Island & Office Tour

I have had bloggers block for so long now, I haven’t sat down at a computer for a month! That is crazy I know! I would love to say I have a good reason for this but to be honest, I think that I just needed a break. I hope to get back into it now and I have started brainstorming some more blog posts. I love getting my notebooks out and just having a brain dump session! I have been out with my camera around Stansted House, it has the most beautiful grounds ever! They also had a garden show with so many cute market stalls. I love the arts and craft sections, it is amazing how passionate these people were and it really inspires me to keep passionate about the things I love.

Also, when this gets published I will have been to West End Live in London! I am so excited and the line-up looks pretty good too. A mix of musicals I have heard and haven’t heard at all so it will be nice to see some tasters of more musicals that are in London at the moment.

Around The Web #7 Blogosphere Magazine, Love Island & Office Tour

The Patterned Petals Digest

Must Read Blogs

  • I have loved reading the new Blogosphere Magazine with Dodie as the front cover. This magazine is great when you want to find new bloggers to read, every issue there is a range of bloggers from beauty to business and it is so useful! If you haven’t subscribed yet you definitely should!

  • I love office tours- Miss Stationery Addict over here- and Olivia’s office is looking lovely with pink and white touches making her space look minimalistic yet feminine.

  • Chloe’s blog post on too much to keep up with is so relatable, when everything is getting too overwhelming it is time to just focus on the most important things.

The Patterned Petals Digest

Learn Something New

  • I love Blog and Beyond website, it provides information about blogging by different bloggers and it is just a great resource to get inspiration and help!

  • If your anything like me, some inspiration may be required to keep me going, the hot weather just makes me distracted and I want to spend all my time outside with a cocktail in hand, this blog post is about all the podcasts to inspire you!

Everyone needs to keep up to date with social media strategies especially as a blogger and Holly always has fantastic tips to help with this!

The Patterned Petals Digest


I think Love Island is being watched by most of Twitter according to my timeline. My favourites to win are definitely Dani and Jack! I think that they are so genuine and lovely and when they make fun of Eyal it’s the highlight of the show. 


The Patterned Petals Digest

Listen To These

  • Love Island Morning After Podcast hosted by Kem and Arielle has been my company with my breakfast every morning since Love Island started.

  • Kaleo album has been on repeat this month! I found the song “way down we go” on Reign the TV show and have been in love with this band ever since.


What blog posts have you been loving lately?