Around The Web #6 Is Instagram Killing Blogs? & The Maldives

What a month, I have been to Jersey and had a very relaxing Easter holiday, and blog photos can be taken in the evening now too. I have been writing blog posts every day this month and I am so glad that I have managed to do it! It has been a challenge and I didn’t realise how challenging it would be but it was worth every second. I love creating content for my blog and I was always so scared that I would run out of ideas but actually trying to come up with 30 blog posts was easier than I thought, and I have been able to plan even more content than I thought possible. It just shows that if you do more of something you love even more ideas come to you.

Sit Around Sunday

Around The Web #6

Is Instagram Killing Blogs? & The Maldives

  • I have loved reading is Instagram killing blogs by Forever Amber and this idea of ‘microblogging’ which has been around for quite some time now. I hope blogging never falls out of popularity and this is only temporary because I love blogging and I want it to stay.

  • The Maldives look amazing and Em Sheldon does a beautiful job capturing this beautiful place with a lovely guide about everything you need to know about having a trip here.

  • Everyone needs to learn to not worry about things they can’t control and so this post by thirteen thoughts will help you remember to stress less and go with the flow.

Learn Something New

  • The Facebook algorithm is changing again *SIGH* and favouring sharable and engaging content. Holly shows you how to beat the algorithm with 3 different strategies.

  • Growing your email list is probably the most important thing when starting a blog, a loyal following and community is definitely a priority and needs to be focused on. This post by pinkpot has lots of tips on how to grow it!

  • Helene In between talks about what she has learnt about being a full-time blogger there are so many useful tips in this one!

Let’s Create

  • I thought this zodiac constellation tutorial was really cute! You can choose your own one or draw a friend’s and then give it to them as a gift.

  • Get creative with The Petite Planners 15 weekly bullet journal spread ideas, you will not run out of inspiration for your brand new pages.

  • What a cute backdrop by A Beautiful Mess! A bloggers dream photoshoot backdrop right there.

Sit Around Sunday

Binge Watch

I have been persuading my family to have a film evening most Fridays or Saturday nights depending on what we are all doing so far it has worked quite well!

  • We have been watching Divergent series and I am so sad that they didn’t finish the last part of Ascendant, I really wanna know how it ends, so that is why I have bought the book.

  • Also, the Maze Runner is a brilliant film and I cannot wait to watch the new one when it comes out on DVD!

Next on the agenda is The Hunger Games- will be good to see them all in one go.

Listen To

What have you loved to read, watch & Listen to this month?