What’s In My Makeup Bag For Spring?

Spring, LOL joke it’s been raining and snowing, the poor flowers don’t know whether to bloom or hide away some more. I am always hoping though, for those sunny days and double-figure temperatures, so let’s pretend that is happening at the moment, shall we? I am on my Easter holidays whilst writing this, so there has been a hell of a lot of chocolate eating and cupcake making to celebrate.

I have finally splurged on some new makeup after looking enviously at other bloggers beauty collections. I have gone for nude colours this spring, how cliché for bloggers huh? But I wanted it to be a natural look but with some glitter in there for a bit of fun. I am not really a glitter kinda girl but because the shades are neutral it just adds that little extra touch and they aren’t too out there. I do love wearing makeup for going out and stuff but I just can’t always be bothered to put it on when I need to get up early. Those early mornings kill me enough as it is, so I like to keep it simple. I love that these are quick to apply and makes you look more human with little effort.  My sorta makeup.

What’s In My Makeup Bag For Spring

What’s In My Makeup Bag For Spring?

Mac Nude Lipsticks

I have found two nude lipsticks that I adore, one is Whirl and the other is Velvet Teddy. They have a great consistency and keep on your lips for such a long time. They are pretty close to my natural lip so it keeps your look very natural and I can add more colour to my eyes that way.

Mac Eye Shadow Palette

I love this eyeshadow palette because I can wear all the colours; they are warmed toned because that is what suits my skin best. I love the darker colours too so you can create the smokey eye look. And those glitter colours will bring any of those shades from every day to going out out… bonus.

Real Technique Brushes

I have finally bought some really nice brushes, I wanted these for ages but I just couldn’t spend that much on some makeup brushes at the time, but now I have been in a position where I could get my hands on some. I am in love, they make applying makeup so easy and they are super soft.

Maybelline Mascara

This mascara makes my eyelashes so long and I love it! I know Zoella is a huge fan of this mascara and it doesn’t disappoint. I don't think I had found a good one until I tried this particular one, and it doesn't feel clumpy or heavy when it is sitting on your eyes. 

Calvin Klein Perfume

I got some mini Calvin Klein min perfume samples which are perfect to carry around in my handbag when you need a top up. My favourite out of the bunch is definitely Eternity with its subtle floral scent, which isn't too over powering. 

What’s In My Makeup Bag For Spring?
What’s In My Makeup Bag For Spring?

What’s In Your Bag This Spring?