Why You Should Start Yoga As An Exercise Wannabe

I started yoga before Christmas last year and it was the best decision that I have ever made. If you’re new to exercise and just want to ease yourself into it because it just doesn’t feel like you’re doing exercise, then after you definitely know that you have had a bit of a workout. I feel like you learn something new about your body when you start yoga, poses that you think you’d never be able to do in a million years could be easier than you think.

I also love looking at youtube videos especially yoga with Adrien so that I can do some at home to practise some more. It’s such an easy way to get some light workouts into your life because it can be done from anywhere. I also bought a book, which has great detailed pictures of different poses and a bit more information about yoga in general. It is called Thrive Through Yoga and it’s a great way to learn what the yoga terms mean and trying to implement it into your yoga workouts.

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Why You Should Start Yoga As An Exercise Wannabe

Way To Destress

One of the key elements in yoga is to focus on breathing which is a good way to leave any stresses of everyday life.  I think yoga really helps to live in the moment and just focus on your breathing eliminates any thinking of what is going on in other aspects of your life. I definitely feel way more relaxed after I have had a good yoga session.

Learn To Love Yourself

There is a huge part of loving yourself and putting your needs first when you are doing yoga. We are busy people, and look after so many other people and sometimes it is difficult to get the time to look after yourself. Yoga aims to help you reconnect with your own body.

Learn Your Bodies Strengths

Doing different poses encourages your body to get more strength and flexibility. There are some poses that I would have never thought I could do. I am always surprising myself with what my body can do, and just allow some time to learn about yourself.

You Can Start At Anytime/Anywhere

With the help of YouTube, you can start doing yoga in your home; it is becoming popular with so many people so there are thousands of channels that you can subscribe to, to get started. If you are doing it at home then it won’t cost you a thing either, who needs those hefty gym membership prices anyway? All you need is a yoga mat and a computer.

Why You Should Start Yoga As An Exercise Wannabe
Why You Should Start Yoga As An Exercise Wannabe
Why You Should Start Yoga As An Exercise Wannabe

Do You Do Yoga?