A Little Q&A

I have a holiday booked for Easter as my brother is home for 3 weeks and it is the only time this year where all of my family have the same time of this year. We all have really different work schedules which I guess is the downside of growing up. It’s forever getting harder to do things as a family, but I am sure we will have days out, or weekend trips away somewhere instead.

My birthday is also in Easter so I am getting excited for a night out as well which should be fun! I am hoping signs of spring will be appearing soon and the weather will turn warmer, I am getting annoyed at this cold weather, as much as I love a chunky jumper, I want to go out without a coat now.

I love Q&A’s so I thought I would do my very first one on this blog and answer some questions that I have gotten since having my blog.

A Little Q&A

A Little Q&A

If I Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

I would love to go to Australia, New Zealand and America; they have been on the top of my place bucket list for as long as I can remember. The only real downside is the traveling, which I am not a huge fan of. I wish there was teleportation or something. These countries look so beautiful and from what I have seen on Instagram I have just fallen in love with the scenery. I love exploring new places, learning about their culture and having some more sunlight really improves my mental wellbeing and clears my skin up a treat too.

A Little Q&A

How Long Have You Had A Bullet Journal And Why Did You Start?

I have been bullet journaling since 2016 because I saw some lovely bullet journals on Pinterest. I didn’t ever show my bullet journal online when I started because I never thought that my bullet journal pages were good enough for the big wide web. I then thought that I should put my pages online because it might inspire other people to start and not feel like your bullet journal needs to be perfect all the time. I started one as an attempt to be more productive and a way to get back into art again because I went through a time when I wasn’t ‘feeling’ like producing any artwork. Thankfully, now I have rekindled that love with art and I think I have my bullet journal to thank for that.

What Is Your Favourite Art Piece & Why?

My favourite art piece is my belle mandala drawing, this is the first piece where I decided to come up with my own idea and not use the internet to help me. Before that, I was new at creating zentangle pieces and I needed the help of other patterns to inspire me to create new pieces. But Belle I did on my own as I felt confident enough to decide what patterns I wanted to include as I had so much practice previously. Since then, all my drawings have been my own and I have this drawing to thank for that.

A Little Q&A

What Is The Best Piece Of Blogging Advice You Have Received?

The best advice I received has to be: write what you’re passionate about. You are not going to please everybody and if you don’t enjoy writing about it then your readers will definitely not like reading it. If you write about what you love everything else will fall into place. You will have the enjoyment of researching your subjects meaning that you will always have content to create and always learn new things that you can try out.

If you have any other questions you’d like me to answer why don’t you comment them below so I can do another Q&A post.