Around The Web #5 Makeup, Sharing Online & Feeling Awkward On The Camera

I never thought I would be talking about snow again but last week there was more snow! I do not know what is going on with our weather system recently but I need it desperately to warm up now. Another Patterned Petals Digest, they come round quick, but you have been very lucky that I have posted two this month, there has been so much content that I have felt like sharing with you guys. 

I have also had a productive week of writing blog content for April. I am making a blogging challenge to write every day in April because that will mark a year in blogging and I wanted the extra boost of content so that people have more to read! I cannot believe I have had this blog for a year, it has continued to grow at a steady pace and I am so thankful to you for that. I am enjoying blogging more now than when I started, probably because I have my own blog domain and it feels more like its mine.

Around The Web #5 Makeup, Sharing Online & Feeling Awkward On The Camera

Blogs To Read

  • I’m so glad that warm tonne makes up is in right now because that’s what suits me best. I can’t wear cool colours because it makes me look washed out. Anna Edit’s blog post about the orange tone makeup is a great one to learn all the palates that are a must by right now.

  • This post from colours and carousels about online sharing is so interesting about how people think they know what’s going on in your life because you share a lot online. But ultimately this can never be the case because there are always going to be things you don’t share and there is probably more to the story than what is shared online.

  • Robyn’s post about the blogging world being oversaturated is so interesting because it is something that I have been thinking about lately and how much harder it is to grow these days than it used to be.

Sit Around Sunday- Makeup, Sharing Online & Feeling Awkward On The Camera

Learn Something New

Let’s Create

  • These sorting glasses are a great way to create order in your house, thanks, I spy DIY!

  • Are you travelling somewhere? Gwennan has some ideas on what to have in your travel bullet journal!

  • As it is nearly Easter this centrepiece looks perfect for this occasion!

Sit Around Sunday- Makeup, Sharing Online & Feeling Awkward On The Camera

Binge Worthy

  • I have been watching a lot of trash TV this week and I’m not even sorry! My latest shows I am watching are Made in Chelsea and Five Star Hotel. I think that is the only things I have watched because I have been writing blog posts more this week! So I hope you like trash TV as much as me?

Listen To

  • Goerge Ezra album “Staying at Tamara’s” is out now! And it is a beautiful album. I think he is such an underrated artist and needs more attention; he has such an unusual voice and is a great song writer.

  • The Fringe Of It episode “Getting out of a Funk” is so relevant for me right now; I think this is quite relatable to a lot of people too. It is something that happens to everyone and knowing a few little tricks to get out of it is a bonus.

  • Calum Scott's new album “Only Human” is beautiful, I had to buy it this week and I have been listening to it while writing blog posts!

What have you liked reading, watching and listening to this month?