4 Highlights Of The Year So Far

I’m writing this when it’s snowing outside in March, let’s hope by the time I publish this spring will be here and we can finally put those chunky knits away.  I can’t believe we are 3 months into the year so far! It has gone so fast, I didn’t think that I had achieved anything but looking back over the month so far, I have done some things that I am proud of.

4 highlights of the year so far

4 Highlights Of The Year So Far

Started A Job

I started a job in January and even though it’s not my ideal job it is a great fill in and I’m finally getting my own income so I can be more independent and spend my money on things that I have been needing for ages. I have also started to save some, look how responsible I’m being… but that house won’t be paying for itself. After being a student for so long it was the norm to never be able to afford anything because I food and alcohol were more important so buying new clothes just didn’t happen for 3 years. It is sooooo nice to have a little splash out on myself after waiting this long.  

Had This Blog For One Year

It’s been a whole year since I converted my blog to self-hosted and I am averaging about 2000 views a month which is crazy. I have been blogging in total for two years and looking back over my posts I can’t believe how bad some of them are. Although you might not immediately see how much you have improved when you eventually look back it’s great to see that you have made progress with your ability. I for one, love knowing how much I have improved and I hope I keep it up to improve it over the years.

4 highlights of the year so far

Started Drawing Again

I made this a goal for 2018 and I have done well with doing 15+ drawings throughout these months and I still have another 15 to go before I complete the challenge that I made up for myself but I am so glad that I have started drawing again. I use it as a relaxing tool when life is getting in the way and is getting stressful. I love how at the moment you feel when you start to draw, nothing else matters because all your concentration goes into what you are doing at that moment. I also think my drawing style has improved so much too and I am just even more motivated to keep artwork up to keep this improvement going.

Snow Days

I love a snow day, it reminds me of childhood where we would get so excited to not have to go in and have a day at home to play in it instead. Although the need to go outside when it snows has dropped being older, I would much rather have a duvet day with chick flicks to binge watch instead.

4 highlights of the year so far


I do have some holidays planned in the background that I am currently saving up for. We haven’t decided on where we are going for definite but we have decided on the budget that we are going to keep for a holiday. I love having things to look forward to, it always helps to have something to work towards.

What have been your highlights of the year so far?