Around The web #4 A Forced Blogosphere, Pinterest & Productivity

Yay finally Britain has managed to get back to normal after we had snow in March (I know right), it is funny that we have to shut down everything just because there has been a little bit of snow (although there is more snow forecast-whatttt?)! I am writing this currently reading my copy of Blogosphere Magazine and I loved what  Lydia had to say in her interview. Also, have you seen her new house? DREAMY! I have been thinking back to the goals that I made at the beginning of the year and so far I don’t think I have kept up with many. I need to start getting into fitness again and I have saved a couple of YouTube fitness videos onto my bookmarks bar in the hopes that I will start that up again very shortly. Hope you have had an amazing week! Have you achieved any of your goals yet?

Sit Around Sunday: A Forced Blogosphere, Pinterest & Productivity

Around The web #4 A Forced Blogosphere, Pinterest & Productivity

Must Read Blogs

  • Lily Pebbles- 6 things she’s learnt during 6 years of blogging -was so useful. I especially liked her advice saying that blogging is like a hub where everything you do on your social media channels supports your hub!

  • If you want to read something really pure and honest give Vix Meldrew’s post ago on the blogosphere being forced. Then go read all her other posts, you won’t be sorry!

  • Things that bloggers don’t admit to- was also such an honest post from Beth Louise. We all say that we don’t worry about the numbers but sometimes you need to!

  • Chloe’s blog I only found a few days ago and loved her blog post about weight. Body confidence is something that I struggle with and I loved hearing someone else’s view on theirs.

  • Another blogger I found this week is Steffy’s blog, I loved her post on her personal shifts to grow Instagram but she also talks interiors, travel and fashion. I love these types of blogs!

Learn Something New

  • It’s always useful to just give yourself a refresh of knowledge about Pinterest, and Ell Duclos gives a fantastically detailed blog post explaining how to make pins go viral.

  • I learnt from Me and Orla’s Instagram stories that you should be tagging the location and a hashtag in each one to increase the number of views that your story gets. And believe me- it works!

  • Everyone loves to be productive with writing and Holly’s post explaining some of her tips is such a great read for those days where you’re not feeling at all motivated!

Sit Around Sunday: A Forced Blogosphere, Pinterest & Productivity


  • SO I have been watching some YouTube channels this week and I have been addicted to vlogs!

  • Like I mentioned above, Lydia’s vlogs I could binge watch all day. She has such a luxurious lifestyle but she is so down to Earth!

  • What Olivia Did’s vlog to Finland was such a lovely video! I want to go now so badly. I know she gets someone else to edit her videos but they are always presented beautifully.

  • I love a Q+A and there is nothing better than one between Anna and Lily. I love their friendship too, they are just the best to watch!

Listen To These

  • Demi Lovato's album has been on repeat this week, her songs are so sassy and a real pick me up!

  • Maren Morris' album is a great mixture and I have loved listening to this country album this week too!

  • I have been heading back in time with Mumford and Sons album Babel, an oldie but goodie!

  • Oh and lastly, did you see that George Ezra has a new album coming soon, yes, you guessed it, I have definitely pre-ordered that!

What Have You Loved This Month?