Around The Web #3 Friendships, Photography & Podcasts

So this month has gone so fast, probably because it is the shortest month! And it is nearly spring (my fave season) which is seeing me through the last few weeks of winter! My job has gotten so busy which was good but I have recently had a week off because of half term. This meant that I could catch up with some friends and family that I haven’t seen in a long time, which was so nice! I have changed my weekly schedule because I did some research into my stats this week and found my highest views were days I didn’t even post a blog post! SO I need to make sure that I take advantage of posting on these days.

So go and grab a coffee (or anything stronger, if that’s how you roll) and enjoy reading some posts that I have enjoyed this month!

sit around sunday

Around The Web #3

Friendships, Photography & Podcasts

Must Read Blogs

  • Yay! Hannah finally wrote a blog post about her birth story and what a lovely way to remember that amazing time and welcome her new baby into the world. I love reading baby stories and I am nowhere near ready to have a baby myself!

  • Olivia’s post on friendships in your twenties is such a relatable post for me right now, who knew it was so hard to have made new friends as you get older! But life just seems to get in the way.

  • I love reading people’s approaches to their social media channels and really enjoyed Kate’s Instagram post about keeping it real and less is more. I think she is absolutely right!

Learn Something New

  • I loved reading this post on how to measure your traffic by Holly as I have been trying to work out where all mine has come from this month and try to improve it as who isn’t looking to improve their blog traffic? This breaks down everything you need to know to analyse your blog data!

  • I think From Roses’ photography skills are to die for, they are beautiful and her post about her photography and how she edits is so insightful!

  • If you are obsessed with florals as I am then this post all about simple ways to add florals to your bullet journal will be right up your street

sit around sunday

Let’s Create

  • Who doesn’t love DIY’s so I am just going to leave paper and stitch’s website link with you so you can get lost on their website like I do!

  • I thought this embroidered photo frame was such a cute way to make a personalised gift to someone, or even for yourself! Beautiful Mess always has your back with different DIY products you can try at home!

  • I wrote a whole post about how artwork is inspirational when it gives you an emotion or aspire to produce better content.


  • I have still been binge watching Friends on Netflix and I still haven’t finished it, I know what’s wrong with me? But once that has finished I don’t know what I will do with myself.

  • I have ordered the new Nashville series, and I am such a lover of country music, it has reminded me of how amazing this series is! I love it so much. I can’t wait to get back into it again.

Listen To These

  • Olivia and Charlotte’s new podcast ‘the fringe of it’ is definitely high up on my list of recommendations! There first episode about friendships and it hit the nail on the head.

  • The Greatest Showman soundtrack is A-MA-ZING and I am super excited for it to come out on DVD so that I can have it on repeat.

  • Keeping it Candid podcast episode about questions to ask their ex is so entertaining and I really enjoyed listening to them!