Around The Web #2 Stationery, Media Kits & Country Music

I mentioned that this will become a series in this blog post last month, and sure enough I have written another. I love writing these, it allows me to share all my favourite blogs that I have read this month to all of you. There has been so much happening in the blogosphere this month. Some of my favourite bloggers have finally had their babies (Forever Amber, Fleur De Force & Hannah Gale) and I am so happy for all of them; (I have been obsessively updating their Instagram just to have another sneak peek at their little one- that's not weird, right?) Reading or following their journey on YouTube to when they have them is so lovely to see. I have also read so many useful blog posts and love finding new ones to read. 

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Around The Web #2 Stationery, Media Kits & Country Music

Must Read Blogs

  • What Olivia Did's blog post about the stationery that she used to stay organised was so useful. Everyone wants to have the best start to January that they can and it is interesting to see how other people use plans to keep their blog/business on track.

  • I love reading people's fitness routines and The Anna Edit goes in so much depth about this and she gives you all of her tips for keeping up with it. Perfect for any of you who has a new year resolution to exercise more often.

  • From Roses post on not letting Instagram get you down was the best thing that I could have read this month. Like most people, I have had a love/hate relationship with Instagram since the algorithm and engagement being so poor that nobody will see your stuff anymore. It reminded me that the numbers aren't important and you should be doing it for yourself more.

Learn Something New

  • I have been doing some research on Media Kits this month as I think that is the next stage I want to take my blog so that I have something to email brands with. I went to one of my favourite blogger's website and saw she had written something on it and it is so helpful. Small Talk Social's blog post shows the break down of what you need in a Media Kit.

  • I also love to provide my readers with value and my How To Take a Flatlay blog post went down really well with some of my readers this month. Make sure to read it if you missed it!

Lets Create

  • I have a tutorial on my blog about the steps I took to draw the Frozen group which I have never really done before. I love seeing the process of artists work so I thought I would try it myself and see how it worked on my blog.

  • I have recently started doing some watercolour painting and found this blog post from The Wonder Forest so helpful on her tips for beginners.

sit around sunday

Binge Worthy

  • Since Friends has been on Netflix, there hasn't been a need to watch anything else because my life is complete now.

  • I have got into some chick flicks recently and there was one that was on the TV the other night called Made of Honor and I really enjoyed it. The film was about a girl's best man friend becoming her Maid of Honour for her wedding day, but he ends up falling in love with her.

Listen To

I think music has been more interesting to me this month than podcasts and I have finally bought some new albums so I have been trying to get back into listening to music when I write blog posts and instead of watching telly in the evening. It seems to be working because I have been completing artwork and chilling with some music rather than automatically reaching for the remote. 

  • The Greatest Showman soundtrack is on repeat right now! I loved the film and went to watch it at the cinema with some friends and it was amazing! Also, Zac Effron is in it, what more do I need to say? Go and watch it!

  • I have been loving country music again lately too, so my top favourites at the moment are Shania Twain's and Marren Morris new albums. There aren't any songs that I do not like and I love that! I have also been loving a new artist's album that I only discovered the other day and fell in love with his voice. Don't you just love the Spotify discover page? His name is Devin Dawson and my fave song on his album, that I have listened to so far is, All On Me. His voice though- have I said that already?

  • There is always a reason to listen to Little Mix, so that is that. I love all their songs and they are uplifting power songs that you can sing at the top of your voice.

What blog posts have you enjoyed this month?