Join My Fitness Journey: I've Kept It Up For 2 Weeks!

I have completed another week of fitness and I am so happy that I have kept up with it. This week I have bought some new workout clothes so that I can feel the part which I believe helps you motivate yourself to keep exercising, or it’s my love of shopping and gives me an excuse to buy yet more clothes. But it is a win-win if I get enjoyment out of workout clothes that I will be wearing for fitness right?

I have found that I work out better in the evenings than getting up earlier in the morning to do exercise. I am definitely NOT a morning person, so I made the decision to do it around 6pm every evening. I think this will work well once I have gotten a job as well so I will be able to keep it up. I think it is important to work with your strengths than against them and I am more awake in the evening so it made sense to work with that instead of making exercise a chore.

join my fitness journey week 2

Join My Fitness Journey: I've Kept it up For 2 Weeks!

Fitness Exercises of Choice This Week

I have raised my Fitbit step counts to try to reach 10,000 a day which was a goal I have been hitting some of the time last week. I need to improve this week though. This week I have been able to go on the bike for 20 minutes and have increased the resistance and I have continued to work through the videos that I have I tagged in the last post. I have also bought some 3kg weights to increase my strength exercises which burn but it feels good! I am trying to work out 4 times a week and do some focus areas for 6 days a week. I really want to focus on my arms and stomach first as these areas I am least happy about. I think it helps to have small goals each week to keep you motivated to carry on and then you have made progress as it is hard to see your progress on your body.

Body Changes

There still haven’t been any obvious changes in my body physically but I have heard that these things take time. I am trying to look at this as a lifestyle change rather than a short term fix. This is one of the reasons that I have not considered taking those protein shakes. I want to lose weight in a gradual healthy way which will be for the rest of my life rather than a couple of months.

It is definitely true what they say about exercise and mood, those endorphins are amazing, I have been in a better mood generally and feel happier in myself. Obviously, you will still have down days but they have been far fewer whilst I have started exercise. And this fact alone is enough for me to carry on with exercise even if I never ever lose any weight.

fitness update

Fitness Playlist

My top 5 music favourites to work out this week are:

Hailee Steinfeld, Grey - Starving ft. Zedd

Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

Little Mix- Hair

Clean Bandit - Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

Olly Murs - You Don't Know Love

Another cheat day Sunday whilst writing this post, I have not cared too much today about what I do or how many steps I complete in a day. These days are a must have because you need to let your muscles relax and then you will be more motivated to push yourself on Monday. Next week I am going to making a fitness goals page in my bullet journal and I may show you all that I have done in next week’s fitness update so that you could do your own version.