Join My Fitness Journey: I've Started Exercising, Whaaat?

I didn’t think I would ever write a blog post on fitness. I have never had the motivation to really even think that it was worth the effort. And whilst I was working at a school I was too tired to even get on a bike never mind 4 times a week. But I suddenly had a wave of motivation to get my fitness up and hopefully I will keep this up when I do get another job. At the moment I am home trying to look for a job so I have needed to do something to fill my time up. And I never thought that I would say this but I’ve become obsessed with fitness everything. I have been googling fitness bloggers and YouTubers so that I can gradually work on my strength training as well as cardiovascular exercise.  I am hoping that this will encourage me to keep going when I have a job because I am the laziest person EVER! I am so determined to change this now though!

Join My Fitness Journey: week 1

Join My Fitness Journey: I've Started Exercising, Whaaat?

Body Confidence

Most of my friends don’t even know that I have been feeling SO low about my body recently; it’s hard to admit that you have low confidence in anything, whether it is a job, something in your personal life or because of your body (and I am declaring it over the internet for everyone to see). But somehow it’s easier figuring out your thoughts on paper than it is to talk about. That is what I wanted my blog to be about anyway, discussing things I am too afraid to say out loud.

I discovered how low my body confidence was after a family holiday, when we were active every day and when I saw some photographs of myself I was like I LOOK HUGE! I have never thought that about my body ever and that is when I decided that I need to do something about it. If I ever hinted that fact that I was getting fat to my friends, they have said that I was being stupid and I am amazing the way I am, and that might be true. But I don’t feel like that is true. I don’t think I am drastically overweight but I definitely could do with toning up a few wobbly bits.

fitness weights

My Exercise of Choice this Week

I have never been that bothered about exercise before and this is bad I know but I was always like “you do that for fun? WHY” as most joggers look like they are in pain. I have got an exercise bike at home already so I have started to use that for 20 minutes and I managed to do it three times last week.

I also bought a Fitbit which I have become obsessed with, who thought a little step monitor will make me try to meet my goal of 8,000 steps a day; I am going to slowly increase that up to 10,000 though.

I also found some fitness YouTube videos which I thought I could do without being too complicated and so I did some of these throughout the week as well.

Thigh Exercises for Losing Fat

Victoria's Secret Angel Butt Workout

The 7 Best Ab Exercises

How To Lose Arm Fat

XHIT Sexy Back Workout

Then there was an amazing stretching video which was SO RELAXING but I was so surprised at how tight my body is! I definitely need to get more flexible too.

Stretching Routine: Warm Up Exercises

Fitness weights

Changes from my Body this first week

Ok, so I may not have noticed anything different in my actual body, but my mind is so much clearer and I don’t feel nearly as tired as I used to be. My concentration levels have also improved and I am generally happier (mood wise) in myself which is a bonus that’s for sure. I am also not as bloated and it feels great! My dad did mention that I have lost some fat in my face which is something right?  I don’t know when the expected time is to start noticing actual weight loss from your body but I have only done it for a week so I have to be patient. Even though it can be frustrating and I hate waiting.

I have also needed to get some higher weights already so my 3kg dumbbells are on the way that I ordered from Amazon. I have also become too big for some gym trouser things that I have only worn like twice but they did fit me fine before so that is a sign right?

Fitness Playlist

There is nothing better than listening to some great upbeat songs when trying to exercise. I love how motivating music can be, so here are my 5 top workout songs this week.  

Ain't My Fault- Zara Larsson

I would Like- Zara Larsson

Lush Life- Zara Larsson

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself- Jesse Glynne

Shout Out To My Ex- Little Mix

fitness workout journey

This is my first week done; I did have a lovely cheat day on Sunday where I had crisps and wine to reward myself for all my hard work throughout the week, and just relaxed by the TV and didn’t even put my Fitbit on because I didn’t want to even worry about step counts!

Have you started working out recently? I would love to know how you’ve been getting on!