Holidays, Photography, Fashion and Beauty: August Monthly Roundup

I thought I would do a favourites/highlights post because I love reading these posts and they will be a great reminder for me to look back on my month. I must just love being nosey at what people have been up to for the month. This month has flown by; I cannot believe it is almost September, where has the time gone? I have also got a dilemma of whether or not I should do Blogtober or Blogmas this year? It is a lot of commitment and at the moment I think I could do one of them but which one? 

august monthly roundup


Going to Kent with the family was the main highlight this month. It was nice to have the family all in the same room. We went on lovely days out my favourite being a trip to Leeds Castle, the grounds were stunning and I was able to take lots of photographs…

…which brings me onto my second highlight of the month which is being able to practice some of my photography skills as I have taken a lot of time to research how to take sunsets, and I finally was able to take practice some of those techniques.  You may have seen some of them on Instagram and Twitter- why not follow me if you haven't already?

I changed some little details on my blog and I am so happy with the results, I have added some pops of pink just to give it some more colours and make it more eye-catching, let me know what you think?

I have also made an effort to start exercising 4 times a week which is a big step for someone who doesn’t like any form of exercise whatsoever. This has been from walking around different attractions and meeting 10,000 steps (Wahoo) and also going on an exercise bike for 20 minutes a day.

sunset photography
dungeness landscape photography
flower photography


Beauty, Fashion & Jewellery

Cold shoulder tops are my fashion favourites this month, like the one shown on my Canterbury boat tour from New Look. Jewellery has been a big favourite of mine this month as I have been loving chokers and hoop earrings! I want to buy even more!

The earrings are from New Look and are a rose gold colour which is perfect for me as gold doesn’t suit me at all, I decided to go for a medium size earring as my neck is not huge and I didn’t really fancy having some earrings that were bigger than my whole face. These sit perfectly and look great with anything!

I got the chokers from New Look and I am in love with them, I especially love the black one which has a cute flower on the front. I am a big lover of subtle jewellery rather than big bulky ones and these are just perfect to give an outfit that much needed bling.

I have been using the NYX's eye shadow palette and have fallen in love. It has so many warm colours which are perfect for creating that smoky eye effect. There is a lovely purple shade in there too, which I love to add in the corner of my eyes to add a little more colour. They are all shades I can use which is also a bonus, I always struggle to find a palette that I can use all of it because I am so frickin pale, so when I saw this I was beyond happy!

beauty fashion jewellery

Blog Posts

There have been so many new blogs that I have read this month and have loved and it has been so hard to come up with a few that should go onto this blog post.

Jealousy in blogging by Lauren was a brilliant post about bloggers being jealous of other bloggers. I think she makes an excellent point where she uses her jealousy in a positive way to make her blog even better. That is a great tip, Lauren!

No makeup is the new makeup by Julia is a great post that I have read this month! I believe a woman should celebrate who they are and makeup is only needed to help amplify your already gorgeous face rather than cover it up! She also gives some good tips on how to look good without makeup!

Where have you been? Nerja by MariaJ was a lovely travel post and it looks amazing, I have definitely got holiday envy that is for sure! She gives you all the tips of where to stay and some beautiful photographs of her holiday! It looked like you had an amazing time Maria!


That rounds up my August then, 

I wonder what September will bring, I will be job hunting and updating paper work. I am also planning on putting more reviews and Bullet Journal posts on my blog over the next month. I hope you have had an amazing summer and are ready for those cold dark evenings, snuggles up with a blanket and tea. Oh how I do love Autumn. 

What have been your highlights this month?