America Bucket List

There are so many places that I want to visit, so much so that I probably wouldn’t be able to fit them all into one blog post. So to start with I have put together some American Attractions that I would love to see one day and my reasons why I want to go to America. Dreaming keeps everyone motivated to achieve what they want in life; right now, my focus is to get a career. I am dreaming of travelling at some point during my life, but I need to focus on getting myself settled into a job that I love which will support the funding needed to visit these different places. I don’t think I am the type of traveller that would leave their whole life behind for a whole year to visit all these places all at once. I would much prefer doing a couple of places in fewer weeks because I am a bit of a sucker for those house comforts! I think I am well- travelled (or getting there), especially after going to Romania for 3 weeks to volunteer with disadvantaged children and renovate their care homes! I cannot wait to do another trip which will be just as rewarding.

America bucketlist

My American Attractions Bucket List


An unlimited supply of waterfalls, this must be an amazing experience. I am so jealous of my parents who got the opportunity to go and see them in a helicopter.


You cannot go to America without seeing this; it is the start of any landscape scene in any movie situated in New York City. It looks pretty spectacular and also the photographs would be amazing.


This is another landmark that is a must see in New York City and apparently has been seen in 90 movies; also it is the tallest building in the city.


The photographs that I have seen of these are fantastic, I went to some canyons in Romania and they were fantastic. So I really want to visit the American ones!


I love seeing lakes, they are always so peaceful and a great way to be surrounded by nature! I also love the sound of water!


Broadway shows! Do I need to say anymore? I have a HUGE obsession with musicals and my dream would be to see them in America! I know in Britain we have the West End, but it is also an excuse to go and site see around America as well!


This looks spectacular, the photographs that I have seen from this place is amazing, there is so much to do here, and this would definitely not be completed in one day! I love reasons to return to these beautiful places


There are so many activities to do here, so again not a one-time thing. I love the scenery as well, perfect for a photography session!

america bucketlist
America bucketlist

America has been one of my dream places to visit and here are the reasons why


There will not be any language barriers which is always a bonus. I have tried learning Spanish when I was in school, but it did not go so well. I want to blame the teacher, but I know if I wanted to, I could have worked A LOT harder than I did. With Americans speaking English would be a huge help especially when you need to ask for directions because you are in a new area!


Learning about new culture is always interesting and one of the reasons why travelling is so important. Knowing about new cultures allows you to open your eyes to new and wonderful things like food, festivals and everyday life! I want to know everything that Americans love to do, from night life to their favourite traditional dish. Also, you can share your culture with Americans, so there is learning all round!


America’s landscape is beautiful, from watching American TV shows and looking at photographs on the internet, it is pretty obvious that this country is beautiful! For somebody who loves taking photographs, it will be my heaven, I just dream about being one with nature with the camera in my hand and no time constraints- bliss.


I don’t think I have mentioned on this blog before that I love country music, but Americans also have this love! British people not as much, unfortunately, well… most of my friends do not share this love with me. I want to go to as many country gigs as possible and maybe even get introduced to new country music as well!


I don’t know if you can base going to America on one city, considering that there are so many cities that are a must-visit in America. But I have always wanted to go to New York at Christmas, having all the trees covered in lights and shopping all in one place sounds rather magical to me.

Have any of you been to America? Can you give me any tips on what to see when I am there?