Baby Names I Like But Won't Be Using

I saw a post like this on Fabulous Hannah YouTube Channel and I loved watching it so I thought I would write a blog post about my own baby names that I love but won't be using. Just to clarify, I am not pregnant but either was Hannah so she gave me the go ahead that I can do this even when I am not even expecting. Baby names are so hard to think off, and I feel that it is such an important thing to get right because this poor child is going to be stuck with it for the rest of its life. I have put together (using the note app on my iPhone) some of the names that I love but won't be using (although don't hold me to that I am very fickle and will probably want to use ones that I say I don't want to use). I also find boys names waaaaay easier to think off than girls, I don't know why I just know I want a baby boy first (because I can choose what baby I have first).

baby names i like but wont be using

I have always loved looking at baby names, I remember at school at wet play my friends and I would hop onto the computer and read the definitions of different names that we liked as well as looking at what our own name means as well. I definitely like unusual girl’s names but I don’t like unusual boy’s names. They are just too whacky for boys. So the traditional common boy’s names are what I like but then I am torn because I don’t want to have the most common names for any of my future children because I want them to be unusual. This is so annoying, why can’t boy’s unusual names be nicer?! But it makes this list easier because I will be putting the common girls and boys names that I love as I will never use them because everyone is called those names. Also, do you ever associate a name with a person, and then depending on that person you decide whether or not you like the name? Don’t lie to me I know you do that too. That is all I am saying about that! HA!

baby names i like but wont be using

Girl Baby Names I Like But Won't Be Using


I love this name and how cute it is, I just think this name is so common, there is always a Lily in the class and I do want my children to have different names that not everyone would have heard off. This is the only flowery name that I like; I’m not hugely fond of those sort of names, probably because I have never been a girlie girl like EVER.


Yes, like on Gossip Girl, I think it is such a nice name, but I made the mistake of telling my brother that I like this name… his response “what, like Tony Blair?” He has completely ruined this name for me. Ugggh note to self never speak to my brother about baby names again!


Ever since the SacconeJoly’s names their baby this, I have adored it ever since. I don’t wanna use it because they have a beautiful daughter named it already but how adorable is it! It’s so unusual and not many other children have a name like that. I am soooo in love with it.


Again, beautiful name, but every bloomin' girl in England is called that. I love the different names it can be shortened to as well like Liv, Livvy; which allows her name to be cute and innocent when she is little and then when she is older it is quite a sophisticated name for a job.


 I remember this one girl at nursery who was the cheekiest girl ever and she would never get into trouble because it was just 'Evie' I always wanted that! So the name has stuck around ever since. What a lovely name though, it might make a good middle name. Maybe I should compromise and make this a middle name for my child? 

baby names i like but wont be using

Boy Baby Names I Like But Won’t Be Using


Yeah again, off Gossip Girl. Man, I watch too much TV. I love this name. I need someone with a great surname though because I don’t think much would go with it. Chuck Bass is just maybe the ONLY way you can pull off a Chuck. But still, I love this name...wait... I already said that!


I love this name, and yes it is from another TV series (The Vampire Diaries to be exact). I love this name but the reaction when I said this to my family was a negative one, so probably this name will not be used to name a baby but it will sit on my list for-ever-more just waiting for the day I want to name my dog or something.


There is a theme going on here, but I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, although I haven’t seen the latest series yet, I am so behind. I just love this name though, I haven’t heard this until the show, show this is an unusual name that I actually like. I just don’t know if I want my child to be associated with the show.


Is the common name that I love but will not be using, it is so cute and it could be shortened to Ed which I don’t mind either. I just have always hated Edward, although I love Eduardo which is super cute!


I love this name, it is so cute, and even the shortened Theo is really nice. I am not sure if I prefer it for a pet rather than a baby though. That is the only reason why it is on my won’t be using list.

There you go,

Those are my baby names that I like but won’t be using. This was such a nice post to write, I have been in such a blogging slump lately and haven’t really had any ideas of what to write. I was in that terrible phase of writing what I thought other people wanted to read. But I have come to an epiphany (wow- long word I can’t even spell without using google) that I am in charge of my blog and I will write whatever I feel like, I may not get any readers (I have come to terms with that fact) but at least I will enjoy it again.

Before I leave you until next time, I want to know one thing. What are some of your baby names you like but won’t be using?