Getting To Know Me- Embarrassing Fails

I thought to get to know me better I would do a post about what I cannot do. I want to show you that no one has a perfect life and although these 'fails' are light hearted, it shows that everyone has something embarrassing happen in their life. I think it will be fun to look back at some of my FAILS; no one is good at everything right?! Well, at least that is what I tell myself.

I wanted to write this post because nobody is perfect regardless of what their Instagram portrays. There will be times in life where you fail; some will be more of a ‘big deal’ than others. But they are all learning curves and they make you the person that you are today. Without failing my driving test, I wouldn’t have made the extra effort to practice and gain the motivation I needed to pass it the second time. So I learnt how to motivate myself to practice even harder than I did the first time. If your relationship fails, it takes time and strength to pick yourself up again, but you do it and then you are a much stronger person than you were beforehand. Failures can be a good thing, maybe not at the time when they happen, hey… some of mine are really embarrassing, but we need them to learn, change and grow into independent, motivated individuals, who do not burn themselves!

Getting to know me embarrassing fails

Getting To Know Me- Embarrassing Fails (why am I doing this?)

I am accident prone in the kitchen

I sometimes wish I was as talented as my best friend as she is amazing at cooking and is training to be a chef; it just comes so easily to her! Me however…

  • First time I cooked scones- I left out the eggs out. They ended up ginormous! OOOOOPS

  • First time I chopped a tomato- nearly cut my finger off! Good one…

  • First time I went to get something out of the oven- I forgot to put some oven gloves on! OUCH

  • When I went to centre parcs I burnt myself on the shelf when I was taking something out of the oven, even though I was wearing oven gloves this time, they were just not long enough to cover my wrist! I am going to get a scar there... no doubt about that.

My track record with cooking is not the best; even living on my own for 2 years has not really helped my cooking skills that much… apart from pasta, I’m a pasta pro. I just know not to touch anything that is hot without oven gloves! SCORE! At least I’ve learnt something…

failures getting to know me

Failures are part of life!

If you don't fail you don't learn

I cannot throw

So when I went to my sports day at primary school we had the classic welly boot throw. All was great until it was my turn to throw the welly. All the children and I were lined up behind the line ready to throw our wellies and waiting for the whistle to blow… *whistle blows*… everyone’s wellies were flying in the right direction, apart from mine, mine went behind me! At least I got the furthest going backwards. Do I get any points for that?

BOWLING, same story… luckily no one got hurt. It didn’t go that far backwards thank goodness!!

When I was trying to feed a bird at a zoo, we were given pretty clear instructions:

  • Wait for the man to say ‘throw now’

  • Then throw the piece of food in the air… simple right? Apparently not…

I went first, the man shouted to throw the food up in the air, I, however, threw it behind me and the bird looked so confused! Luckily the man let me have another go which turned out better!

Do you see a theme appearing here? Haha!

Other fails:

  • Failed my practical driving test once, passed the second time though yay!

  • Spanish GCSE I got an E, thankfully my other grades made up for it.

  • I always trip over nothing; I do not know how I do this as it is a flat floor, once I even twisted my ankle doing this.

  • Falling up the stairs… What?

  • When I thought a canon was a telescope?? Don’t even ask….

  • When I thought Greenwich was in the middle of nowhere, when in fact it is in London- my geography is terrible… that is an understatement

As well as celebrating your fails, it is also important to celebrate your successes, all these things contribute to the amazing person that you are today and I wouldn't want to change anything about myself... apart from my height... yeah I could be taller. 

I hope you were entertained by this post; I will go away blushing and never read this post again. So I dare you to tell me some of the most embarrassing things you have done… GO!