Blogging & Social Media Goals May

It has been a month since I have had my new blog and so a follow up of my previous blogging and social media goals have been overdue. I have loved having my own domain name and learning something new every day within the blogging community, it has overall been a good month. I had the biggest ever page views I have ever had within a month, which was: 1,094. I know that is not a huge number for some people, but for me, that is quite an achievement.

As far as my blogging goals from April are concerned, here is how I have done…

Start having a blogging schedule

So I have done this, so far I have been posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm, which is slightly more than what I had planned, originally I just wanted to write once a week but twice has been working out brilliantly. I have also scheduled posts right up until the end of May which is so organised for me. This has also reduced the pressure of making sure a post goes out as well. I hopefully will keep this up.

Start building an email list to 5 people

I have 6 people who have subscribed to my email list and did you know I have a free resource library for those lucky people, you could also subscribe to have access to that also if you would like. I want to carry on growing my blog and I know this will be a long process but I am so determined to build a small community that has the same interests. I have got some learning to do regarding this because I would love to have a loyal engaged audience.

Write interesting and useful content

 I think I have been writing more useful content and I have loved writing it because they are the things that I love to talk about. I wouldn’t want to write about anything that did not interest me! My most popular post this month was 10 things I have learnt about blogging. I am going to keep writing useful content for the following month too. I want to make a special effort to write evergreen content for my blog so that it is useful for years after I publish it, and mix that up with more personal chatty blog posts. 

Blogging and Social Media goals for may and recap of April goals

New Blogging goals for May

Page Views- 1,000

Yes, this is lower than last time, but I am looking for consistency at the moment and people looking at my blog is the start to growing an audience. I am struggling with getting people to become readers at the moment by signing onto my email list, so if you haven’t already and you’ve liked what you read you can subscribe here.

Build email list to 10 people

Linking to the above, I think this target is reachable as I only need 4 more email subscribers. I am all about growing slowly because I want a community that is interested in what I have to write about. I have learnt that growing followers takes time. I have made a free resource library where I have made printable’s and checklists for blogging and the bullet journal. I have made a promise that I will add one new thing to the library a month. I am hoping that this will help me build more email subscribers.

Blogging and social goals in may, looking back over my blog goals in april and making new ones for this month

Social media


Last month I was happy with my followers and I still am but I can always have even more (follow me here)! I just realised today I got to 2,200, I am so pleased. This month I just want to increase my engagement rate, I am not too sure how to do this either. I think a lot of googling will be on the agenda for this. I love the twitter chats that I have taken part in over the last month and they have really helped with page views and people reading my blog. The last 2 weeks or so I have not been able to take part in as many chats as I would like due to essays and an illness. But I have finished with that now, so when #GRLPOWR chat is on, I will be there.


I had a total clear out of Pinterest this month, it took a while and I haven’t worked out if it was been beneficial or a complete waste of my time. My idea was to make sure all my boards fit into a theme and they are of the greatest quality. I hope this makes my Pinterest more appealing, but we’ll see. I didn’t reach my goal of 1,000 followers but I am just over 100 away from my goal, could you give me a hand? I have also been trialling BoardBooster and I love it as soon as I need to pay for it I will make the investment.  


I beat my target on Instagram by 100 followers. I had 500 followers by the end of April, I am so grateful, as I never thought that would ever happen, especially with this follow/unfollow trend that is always happening. So this month I want to set my goal for 600 and see how that goes.


I started a Facebook page last month, I haven’t been able to grow as far as I would like, but I know I have only just made it. I have 15 followers while making this, so I want to get to at least 20 by the end of the month, could you give a girl a hand?

And Finally,

To summarise, I think these new goals are going to be easily managed if I put the hard work in this month as I did last month, which is going to be harder with all my deadlines coming up soon. I am also working at my placement, so it doesn’t give me much time to do any else really, but I am doing whatever I can when I get home to my blog because I love it so much.  I know that I have enjoyed having this blog so far and I am so glad that I started getting serious about blogging.  I hope you have liked my blog so far and thank you for returning to read each time. If you are new then welcome and I would love to be friends with you on social media and sign up to my blog so you never miss a post.

What goals have you smashed this month, and what are your goals for the next month?