Blogging & Social Media Goals April

I love reading blogging goals post- maybe because I am so nosey, or could it be the teacher inside me that likes seeing how other people have grown their blog and social media accounts.

I have never really taken my blog that seriously- until now- because I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself and just wanted to see if blogging is for me. Now that I have found out that blogging is for me, I thought it was time to make some blogging goals. I think it is good to set some targets and the rewards you feel once you reach them are beyond satisfying but I don’t want to make this blog all about numbers, but I guess sometimes it needs to be to see how much progress you are making. Goals are important as they give you challenges to motivate you to keep focused until you are where you want to be. Nelson Mandela sums this up pretty nicely with this quote ‘it always seems impossible until it is done’.

social media and blogging goals april

My blogging goals for this month are:

Start having a blogging schedule

With my ‘practise blog’ that I am now calling it, I never really had a blogging schedule; which was probably a bad thing. I want to aim to post once a week on a Tuesday while I am busy with university and planning lessons as I believe this to be pretty manageable. For this month anyway, because I will be busy all week and only will have some free time at the weekend if I am lucky. This may increase during the summer holidays when I will have more free time to focus entirely on my blog- but that is going off task, I am only meant to be talking about this month. So this month it will be once a month- as previously said- right, moving on.

Start building an email list to 5 people

I hadn’t even thought about building an email list on my ‘practise blog’ because had an easy follow button that WordPress users could just press and that would be that, no email needed. Now I need to write blogs people actually want to come back and read, never mind set up an email list too. I have set my goal to 5 email subscribers, and if you feel you could help me out a bit then please subscribe. Can you tell I am a total newbie at this?

Write interesting and useful content

So as I am more serious about this blog I want to write more interesting content which has to be USEFUL to my readers. That is the important word –useful- that I didn’t really bother about in my ‘practise blog’ because I just wanted to enjoy writing and creating content. This will be a challenge for me as this may require writing more than 200 words but until you put all your effort into one thing you’ll never change your bad habits. So I really hope that I can make all my blog posts useful for all my readers.

social media blogging goals

Social media goals

At the moment I only have three main blogging social media channels that I want to grow, these are Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I love these social media sites anyway and so I thought I should use these for my blog. I hate Facebook, but I have seen some blogs do really well on Facebook but I don’t know if it will be worth it for my blog yet. Any feedback about how Facebook has helped you to grow would be useful so I could consider the option of starting a blogging page or maybe a group.


I am pretty happy with the growth of my twitter account, but I really need to start getting involved in the blogging community.  So my goal for this month is to make sure I am involved in at least one blogging chat a week on twitter.


I really need to increase my followers to 1000 on Pinterest and make sure I make pin- worthy pictures for each of my blog posts, to raise engagement. If anyone has any tips and tricks to do this then please let me know, I feel like I have done everything I possibly could do. 


I have tried so hard with my new blog Instagram even before I launched this new blog. I love the content I have put up on there and having a DSLR camera it has really helped with the quality of my images. So as I am writing this I have 400 followers on Instagram (which is most likely going to change when this gets published on my blog, knowing the follow-unfollow game that is lurking around Instagram at the moment- but that is a different discussion), I would love to aim to grow it to 450 followers. Any tips on how to grow your Instagram will be greatly appreciated.

To summarise…

…it is so weird setting myself blogging goals but I am so excited to review them at the end of the month to see how well I have progressed. I think I have come up with reasonable goals that could potentially come true after a month (well what is the point of coming up with goals that are too hard to achieve huh?). I hope I can put everything that I have learnt about blogging into practice this month. I probably sound like a total newbie at this but you have to start somewhere right?

What blogging goals do you wish to smash this month?