10 Things To Do To Have A Relaxing Evening At Home

I am a real home person. But when you have been out all day, all you really want to do is curl up on the sofa and get comfortable until the day happens all over again. These are my favourite sort of evenings especially when it is cold outside. There is nothing better than grabbing a blanket and a hot cup of tea and indulge in a good film, or two, or three… just get Netflix, you can binge watch so many things on there.

It is a good day when you have the time to completely relax without any essays or planning to do and as I these types of days are getting fewer, it is a real treat when I can finally have a relaxing evening. I also believe in self- love, it is also really important to look after yourself and your well-being. When you are stressed particularly it is important to step away from the situation for a couple of hours and put your feet up.

candles for relaxing evening at home

So here is what I do if I want a relaxing evening at home...

Get Into Your Comfiest Clothes

My go-to comfy clothes are my pyjamas and dressing gown if I really want to relax I really do not want to be wearing jeans as I like to lie down on the sofa. My days are normally spent out of the house in school, so when I come home I really do want to be at home and wearing work clothes is just not that great. There’s also probably paint and who knows what else on my work clothes that it just makes sense to change completely when I come home. And what else beats comfortable warm attire anyway?

Take Your Makeup Off

There is nothing better than taking your makeup off after a long day at work, I use wipes without any fragrance because my skin is so sensitive. But knowing you don’t have to go out again after you take your makeup off makes you know that you can enjoy a lovely relaxing evening.

Face Mask

These put you in the perfect mood for relaxing as you can put some music on and just sit back and wait for the 20 minutes to be up. I love putting these on in the bath whilst listening to music, which makes it even more relaxing.

Whilst Listening To Music

Relaxing music can be an amazing way to get in the relaxed zone and switch off from the outside world. I normally listen to music whilst lying down with a face mask plastered all over my face. There is nothing better than chilling to some relaxing tunes. My all-time favourite artists have always been Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. I also have some country, pop and 80’s music that I listen too as well.


Scented candles are by far my favourite things to use when I want to relax. It makes a room change within a few seconds. A number of scents that are out in shops now are amazing, the choice is endless.

Films Or TV Show

Netflix has such a variety of TV shows and films that you could binge watch the night away.   There are so many you could be watching at the moment. A few favourites that I have been watching are Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Heartland. Obviously, I am having more of a TV show binge than a film one, but at the moment I cannot watch a film. Concentrating for 2hours on a film is not that enjoyable for me at the moment. I love light easy programs that will make you laugh and are easy to understand. Probably because I concentrate so much during my work hours at school, so when I get home I want something super easy to watch.


…Super comfy, or what? I have this amazing blanket with the fluffiest side and a funky pattern side. It is adorable! I am always one for a blanket and the fluffier the better. Although, with spring coming around the corner I bet we won’t be needing blankets for too much longer. Oh wait, this is England, sorry my bad.


Because when you are being extra lazy it is important to not do any cooking whatsoever. I don’t have takeaways very often so it is a lovely treat now and then. It’s also nice to have any cooking or washing up to do and it can be delivered to your door; what’s not to love about a takeaway?


I am a tea drinker addict, I am not overly creative with what tea I drink but I would drink so many cups of plain old English tea. I am happiest when I am warm and drinking a hot cuppa does the trick nicely. There is no tea better than PG Tips I am sorry to all those Tetley Tea lovers but they aren’t the same. Haha… Let the tea debate begin… oh boy, what have I started?


There is nothing better to accompany a film than snacks; it definitely makes you that much more relaxed as well. My all-time favourite snack with a film are crisps, I am obsessed with crisps, I cannot say no (sorry not really a popcorn fan); I am more of a savoury snack girl!

So finally,

here are all my ways that I go and have a relaxing evening at home. I will be needing another one again soon after writing this and reminding myself of all the lovely scented products I get hold off. Just makes me want to start ordering my takeaway now so I can dig out all my candles and blankets.

How do you relax at home?