About The Web #1 Winter Outfits, Being Busy & Instagram Tips

I think it is really important to spread the love and show you guys what I have been loving reading, creating and learning about this month. I want to make this into a little series and share other people’s blog posts with you so that you can also enjoy them. It will be like a mini favourite series that will appear on here once a month. I love those Sunday mornings where you stay in bed an extra hour or so to read all those amazing blogs that you have missed over the week, I wanted to have all my favourites all in one place.

sit around sunday

About The Web #1 Winter Outfits, Being Busy & Instagram Tips

Must Read Blogs

  • Thirteen Thoughts post about things she doesn’t worry about when she is blogging is so useful, I completely agree with all the points she makes and worrying about these things really has an effect on the content you could be creating.

  • Dizzy Brunette’s go to winter outfits is a beautiful selection of different fashion pieces and I fell in love with the pink pea coat and had to make that a part of my own wardrobe, it came the other day and I am obsessed with it.

  • Beth Sandland’s blog post about millennials being busy is such a relatable post. We all seem to need to be productive all the time, sometimes we just need a sit around Sunday!

Learn Something New

Let’s Create

  • I love looking at A Beautiful Mess blog it really gets you in the Christmassy mood with all their lovely D.I.Y projects, and this handmade wreath that you can make doesn’t disappoint.

  • There’s nothing better than making handmade Christmas cards to your loved ones and this tutorial on The Wonder Forest blog makes them look easy to make as well.

sit around sunday


  • Riverdale- this is my latest TV series that I am completely obsessed with. They finally revealed who the black hood was, I am not giving any spoilers, but it is Riverdale I somehow don’t think that it is completely over with just yet!

  • Also, its Christmas, so the film that you should definitely check out is A Christmas Prince. It is so cheesy but in the feel fuzzy and warm way!

  • Finally, LOVE ACTUALLY is on Netflix what are you waiting for?

Listen To

  • Oh! Christmas songs haven’t completely been ruined yet this year by being overplayed; I think there is always room to listen to a good ol’ classic Michael Buble album. It’s not officially Christmas otherwise.

  • I am completely obsessed with Niall Horan’s new album, all his songs are brilliant. Great for a chilled day, when you just want to relax.

  • If you want to get ready for a party, then Dua Lipa album has got you covered with upbeat catchy tunes that will get you ready for the party mood!

  • Who The F**** Is Gossip Girl is such a good podcast, if you liked Gossip Girl, make sure you check out this one! A guy who has never seen Gossip Girl before talks about what he thinks about each episode. It is funny and it is great to see what someone thinks about the character's (I agree with a lot of his opinions on the characters) and who he thinks Gossip Girl actually is-he hasn't guessed it yet though!

What have been your favourite things to read, create or listen to this month?